First run of week 9 this morning. The wind was blowing and drizzle in the air, and there's me thinking it was July 😂. I had to give myself a good talking too after about 10mins but once I did that things were fine(sort of). The podcast tried there best to put you off by playing Julie first thing 😂. Took it nice and slow and 5k seems a world away but I just want to get to the end now, then work on the 5k.


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6 Replies

  • Well done Gary !

    Wont be long now and then the world's your lobster !

    Good Luck for your final week xxx

  • Yup I started out in drizzle and after 5 minutes it became a downpour. I figured it wasn't worth returning since I couldn't get any wetter, so sploshed on regardless. Plusses: sweat gets washed away as it appears, rain keeps me cool and it's good for the complexion (allegedly). Minuses: Wet hair and soggy trainers that squelched out little cascades of water every time I took a step.

  • Congratulations Gary - you are rocking it :-). Two more of the same and you will be graduating!

    Don't worry about the 5k, it still takes me ~40 minutes and I graduated a while ago and have been running 5ks every other day (give or take).

    Listen - you. just. ran. for. 30. minutes. straight. How great is that?!

  • Well done garym, 30 mins running that's no mean feat, 2 to go!!☺

  • Well done, you are nearly there now :)

  • Keep going only 2 more to go. It's amazing to think how far we all come over the 9 wks

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