W9R1 ✔

Massive change of plan - I swapped my normal Thursday local running club evening for W9R1 today. I've just been told I need my ICD replaced on Tuesday next week, so by doing W9R1 today I have just about got time to do all 3 W9 runs with rest days in between. I'm not expecting to be in hospital or on the IC for very long but after all the months it has taken me to get here I am DEFINITELY getting it done before Tuesday! Wish me luck.


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36 Replies

  • Woo hoo David..Good luck 😊...

  • You can do it all the best


    You know how to do it don't you..... ??? STEADY and SLOW... !!!!

    ( Well you would have been disappointed, if I hadn't said it, wouldn't you ) ? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • YEP !!!!! I have to ignore Laura because if I slowed down any more I'd stop.

  • xxxxx You will do this... go for it David x

  • good luck David 😁

  • Good luck with the runs, and good luck with the treatment!

  • Best wishes

  • Not sure what ICD is - but you sound like a hwynner!! Go well in the runs and while (briefly) on the IC. I am galumphing through w6. 👏👏

  • A heart defibrillator and pacemaker - my heart assistant and insurance policy! Well done for getting past the W5R3 landmark run.

  • Sounds v high tech- well done for running on and thanks for the encouragement. Just cracked w6r2 this am and feel as though I'm 'on my way' - gently, slowly. X

  • Yes, very high tech but given the alternatives I'm very grateful!!!! When I asked my cardiologist about doing this running stuff he simply encouraged me and said the heart was a muscle and it needed exercise......

  • Good luck, loads of time to get the 2 runs in. You won't be on the Cath Lab table for too long. ICD swap out is a quick job. 30 to 40 mins. Hopefully you recover quickly and get back out there pounding the Pavements soon again. Enjoy your last 2 runs and best wishes for the procedure. Technology is moving on so fast now that your new ICD will be even better than your current one. Tell them to give you a Medtronic ICD. :-)

  • I'm on my second Medtronic already, it's developed a fault but they don't know if it's the box or the wires, so they're replacing both. Not very concerned as it's my number 3. I'll be pleased to escape from ICD alarms. Yes, they're very smart and I'm happy to have it to both set my minimum heart rate and act as my insurance policy! Never expected to say it, but I've started to enjoy my "runs" (slow staggers!) ....

  • Oooo - we're nearly there!

  • Yes !!! You can do it David !

    Good Luck , don't panic , nice and slow and steady .

    Eeek , its exciting isn't it ? :-) xxx

  • Go David! You are a star! Go get that badge.

    Stay safe and stay well ⭐️

  • Wishing you all the best, both in reaching graduation and getting your new ICD!

  • Sorry to hear your having issues with the ICD. Good luck and get back out running again soon. Good luck also in getting your graduation badge before Tuesday too.

  • Go for it, David! You're nearly there!

    Good luck with the procedure - and then you can run as a graduate!

  • Best of luck David. X

  • Good luck with the procedure 👍

    Well done and congrats on getting so far ! It really is a journey in so many ways 😊


  • Good luck!!!

  • Lots of luck sent your way. You can do it 💪🏻

  • Good for you well done ypur almost there great achievement. I Have been sick over the past couple of months hope to get backin the nxt couple of wks probably starting over again at wk.1 😕

  • Thank you. Yes, get back into the programme as soon as you can. What I'm doing now is to complete the C25K programme on my FOURTH attempt. The previous three times I got so far and then got stuck, but persisted, just started over again. If you feel well enough then just get those trainers on and do the hardest run in C25K: W1R1 (week 1, run 1). I hope it's a help for me to say it: I never thought I'd ever get this far and certainly never imagined that I'd land up enjoying going out for a run.

  • Get well soon👍👍

  • All the best David. I have great confidence that you WILL do this!

  • Good luck with the running and next Tuesday.

  • Go David go....and May the gods of running be with you 🏃🤗

  • Well done on getting so far! I'm on W2R3 today - your progress gives couchies like me the motivation to keep going. Good luck with the procedure and reaching graduation 👨‍🎓

  • Hi Catherinel14 , thank you. I think the C25K programme is great, but I have to say that for me at least the help, support and encouragement I have had from folks on this forum is what has kept me going. I've taken months to get this far (not the 9 weeks, but then I don't care) and have had support here on the forum both when I've had good days and bad. It has helped so much when I've got stuck, restarted my C25K programme etc. People here have pulled me through when all my instincts told me to stop. You've done the hardest part by starting and getting into the weekly routine, Week 3 next WOW! ... I hope you manage to get through to the point where you enjoy running. Much to my surprise, as someone who has spent a (very long) lifetime hating it, I now get grumpy if it goes too long before I get out there again.

  • Great achievement,David,you are a great inspiration to me,as l'm having problems with my " ticker", at the moment.I' m very sure, that you will succeed;Good luck,Stevy.

  • Good luck davidhwynn, you have come a long way and your achievement is inspirational. I'm sure you'll graduate soon. Hope the ICD replacement goes without a hitch. Best wishes :)

  • Sure you'll make it. Good luck!

  • well done - esp. overcoming your health hurdles...

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