Feeling glum...missed my run this morning

Hi everyone,

I need cheering up, I missed my run this morning and feel really fed up because of it :(

It was my own stupid fault, my alarm went off at 5:15, I turned it off thinking "I'll get up in 5 minutes", next thing I know it's 6:00 and one of the twins is awake meaning I had no chance to go.

I won't now get the chance to go again until Thursday. I get no time during the day or in the evening (hence getting up at silly o'clock) and I could go tomorrow morning but that would upset my run, rest, run, rest, parkrun schedule.

Am even more gutted because I didn't run at all last week, from one parkrun to the next due to (another) tummy bug.

I feel really flat and annoyed with myself :(


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14 Replies

  • no chance of squeezing a run in tonight?

  • Sadly not. 17 month old twins don't allow the luxury of a spare hour in the evening.

    They don't settle very well at night, and when they do they wake up at random intervals. So finding an hour where I can go for a run and come back and not be greeted by 2 screamers and a look like thunder from my other half is nigh on impossible.

  • Could you book a babysitter for one evening for a couple of hours? Then your wife could have a little break too.

    I was in the same boat when my son was little, with his dad often being abroad on business and I dealt with all the sleepless evenings/nights and the tummy bugs/coughs/colds on my own. I felt really trapped and miserable, as there was no family nearby and we'd just moved to a new area and I didn't have friends to keep me sane. Dark days, but happily over now.

    If I lived nearby I'd be round to give you two a break ...

  • Sadly we don't know anybody who could baby sit them. They're quite demanding little so-and-so's, and quite wary of new people.

    My partners 17 year old daughter lives with us (when it suits her) but I wouldn't trust her to tie a shoe lace let alone baby sit them.

  • Oh then you have my deepest sympathy! Just keep telling yourself that this stage won't last too much longer. Even my little insomniac slept through from 7pm till about 5 ish by the time he was about 3. Omg those early mornings though. Thank goodness for jellikins and teletubbies!

  • Your next run is going to feel really great if you've been chomping at the bit for two days - perhaps you could celebrate that by trying a new route or going all out for a longer distance/faster time?

  • I do actually crave a new route, but there just aren't that many routes around my village. One reason why I really started to enjoy parkrun to have a change in route once a week.

    Longer distance I am planning to do as I'm wanting to (finally) start B210K.

  • You'll have to do a deal with your other half. You get to go on your run if you make sure you partner gets a break too. My sis had twins and a luxury for her was getting a long soak in the bath. You could watch the twins while you're partner gets some time to herself for some pampering.

  • I actually do take them out most weekends so she can have some time to herself.

    I do my share you know! ;)

  • Go tomorrow and skip Thursday (and Friday).

    Your schedule will still have been upset but it will feel more like a reorganisation rather than a missed run.

  • i feel for you Peter it can be hard to get out for a run with family commitments, maybe the misses will let you go out for an hour tonight in exchange for you looking after the twins at the weekend 👍 I was very lucky with my twin boys when they were young they had a very good bedtime structure and slept threw, or reschedule your run for tomorrow morning?

  • You know those parkrunners who run with buggies.........

  • My local parkrun doesn't allow buggies as the course isn't suitable for them.

    Besides ours is a beast of a thing, parkrunners would be getting mown down left right and centre lol

  • oh yes, I thought you would. LOL

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