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Couldn’t be happier right now. Just completed W9R1. 6km pace 6.34. I think that’s not bad? When Jo said I had 10 minutes to go I managed to lengthen my stride a bit and tried to go a bit faster in the last 60 seconds. I’ve discovered I always find the first 5-10 minutes a struggle - is that a common thing? Don’t know, don’t care 😂 Thought I was going to the ‘flat road run’ which I’d never done before - I taught my daughter to drive there - it’s not so flat! It also goes on and on and on and.......which is good. I’ll come back and run on and on and .... you get the picture- it’ll be handy for when I want to increase my distance. I still wonder though, when I take off the 10 minutes walking how long it will take me to run 5km. Oh, I forgot it’s the distance not the time that’s important 🤔I just need to get myself psyched up for the next one now.

12 Replies
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I also just completed w9r1 this morning.

And I totally agree, I also find the first ten minutes are the hardest. I think it takes that long for everything to properly loosen up.

We are so close. Just two more runs to go!

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Yes Jenny567, I can’t quite believe that I’ve stuck with it. It really helps to have an audio ‘buddy’ encouraging you along I think. Not sure what I’ll do without one. Thought I might do the week 9 again with a different one 😂

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I always feel like my legs are not going to enjoy the run in the first 5/10mins, then I find my stride and it feels great! Only 2 to go, well done!

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59erGraduate in reply to jennitricot

Glad I’m not alone with this feeling 😊

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Don’t worry about your pace or speeding up. Time for all that later

Some of us are slower to warm up than others. I take an age. In winter I warm up indoors before heading out for the brisk warm up walk I do a long cool down too

You’re nearly there now. Exciting times 😃👍🏃‍♂️

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59erGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble for the encouragement 😉

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Good job... and yes, the first few minutes are usually the hardest. These roads always seem flatter in cars too 😂

You can find out your true 5k pace very soon, your local park, or one nearby, will have a measured 5k course set out every Saturday at 9am.

Happy running.

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59erGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you! That’s very useful to know 😊

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Toxic Ten is well documented.... or toxic however long:) Huge well done.. slow and steady as you cruise towards the podium:)

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59erGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Toxic ten is quite catchy! 😊 wish it was toxic 2 though!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to 59er

I sometimes have Toxic thirty! But... at other times....no toxicity!!!

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Well done!!! I don't know when i will go down to your pace! But i'm in no hurry. It will come!

I too struggle at around 10mins and i thought it was the slight uphill. So maybe it is about getting a stride. When i reach 30 mins i know i could go on!

Happy running!

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