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I can't actually believe I have just run my first 5 k, im so happy, it went really quick.

Got up this morning the weather was crap so I just sat in my pjs, then the sun come out and it was glorious, their was nothing on the tele and my hubby told me to get up and go for my run, so that's what I did and I'm so happy I did.

I can't believe I'm nearly done and I've lost weight and my body shape is changing, when i have completed week 9 I'm going to measure my hips, waiste etc.

plus I've signed up for a race for life at delamere Forrest in May, which I would never have done 4 months ago.

My goal was to loose weight for my 10 year wedding anniversary and that's getting very close.

So this post is to my hubby for telling me to get off my backside and move.


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Congrats, and well done.


I did W9R1 today too. I ended up doing 31 minutes and running 4km - it's not fast but I was pleased that I did it! The rain came on about 3 minutes after I got home and by the time I finished stretching and had a shower the hailstones were battering off the windows, so your hubby is right - you have to get up and go while the sun shines :)


Well done, so near to graduation now.


Whoop whoop! Massive well done, you're almost there :) great to see people who started abou the same time getting close now ! Yippeeee!!


Well done, you're doing very well! Hope your husband can keep up with you! :)


🎈🎈yay!!! Nearly there!!


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