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Week 5 done!

I had been dreading this week from the start. Run for 20 mins with no no walking? Not a chance. Or so i thought.....

Getting up this morning the 1st thing i did was check the weather. Snow and wind. Not what i needed for the biggest challenge so far.

But i did it. Kept the pace slow and steady. I was determined to do this 20 mins without stopping. And i did! and added on an extra 4 mins!

And it wasnt that bad!

Bring on the next run.

Keep at it people.

Good luck.


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Wow an extra 4 minutes well done you. :-)


well done you, just completed it this mornig as well. Good luck for wek 6 - we can do it


Fabulous, and another 4 mins too! A lot of grads told me W5 was the "gateway run". If you do this one, you know you can complete the rest.....and you will! It really is amazing how it works.


Congratulations, keep it up!


Well done, with an extra 4 mins, in the snow, legend!


24 mins in such awful "spring" weather - brilliant! :D Yes, now you know that running for 30 mins is actually achievable and that is the great thing about this run - you really start to believe it now!!

Take it easy for week 6 as it tends to turn round and bite a lot of us on the bum so slow and steady is the key! Enjoy!

Sue :)


I JUST completed week 5 too today! I feel so freaking good and you just made the pint. It's good to hear you added 4 minutes, it's great!



Today was clearly 'the' day to do 'the' run! Well done on doing it in such style - you really know you can complete the programme now. :)

(Sue's right though - go steady at the start of the week 6 runs, so they don't bite your bum!)


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