Week 5 complete, Week 6 first run done


I finally managed to complete my week 5 run 3 on Wed this week. Actually a bit later than what I had planned for.  I was on business travel in Asia last week. I was able to do  the wk5 run1 in the hotel gym on Tuesday last week. After that I couldn't do any runs due to jet lag - could barely sleep more than 2 hours during that week and woke up with no energy to run :(. 

 Was glad to be back home in UK on Saturday morning and went for my week 5 run 2. Then almost slept the whole weekend :).  Completed the week 5 third run on Wed which was my first 20 min run - I was sweating heavily by the time I completed 20 mins of running.   

Starting my week 6 run 1 today, I thought it would be easy to do the run walk thing as I am already through 20 mins - but I was humbled. It is indeed hard - so glad that there were walking intervals today:) 

Now, I plan to go for my wk6 run 2 on Sunday (Weather gods are predicted to be happy on Sunday :)



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6 Replies

  • Well done. I've just completed Week 6 Run 2. During the first run my mind kept saying this is your last chance to give up but I wasn't having any of it. The second 10 minutes were much better and after 5 mins in I was determined to finish. No more walks now my 25 minute run is on Sunday. We can all do it !

  • Thank you - hope your run 3 went well today! 

    I just finished my run 2 today evening and it was a lot better than the first run of this week :) 

    Good luck with the week 7 runs. 

  • We feel your pain, week 5 seems ridiculous but when we do run 3, we believe we can now run round the world but week 6 pulled me up sharp!  Much harder than I expected.  It is doable though so just plod through it.  I found by week 7, I felt amazing and that I could run a marathon - very silly, but I kept running and did a 5k - pretty slow but it was still a 5k!  Decided to stop being stupid and got back to following Laura so I wouldn't get an injury!  It is a roller coaster of emotion isn't it but how fantastic that u ran for 20 minutes without stopping - you are a running legend!!  Well done 😀

  • Thanks a lot - the community is so amazing! I did finish the run 2 today evening and it was definitely better. Looking forward to the run 3 now. 

  • Yes, the start of week 6 catches us all out. That's the brilliant thing about this programme- no two runs ever feel the same! Well done for getting through it. 

  • Thanks a lot - its a bit of relief to know from others who have already walked (or I should say "ran") the week 6 path :) 

    Run 2 was lot better today - I am happy :) 

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