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Week 5 done!

Went out this morning feeling less than enthused by the prospect of the famous 20 minute run3. OK - I managed runs 1 and 2 but r3 seemed such a big step up and I still don't feel like a proper runner - after all, only 5 weeks ago I was struggling to complete the 1 minute intervals!

However, I just got on with it - believe it or not counted the music tracks to gauge time (3-ish minutes per track seems to work) - and somehow I kept going to the very end! So - big pat on back, 3 hours later my face has finally lost its tomato-like hue but my legs are feeling it more than any previous run. Not hurting, just tired. I don't have anything much planned apart from work now so that's not a big problem.

So I suppose I have to start week 6 next. For some reason Laura suggests repeating week 5 - but since I did week 5 and didn't stop or cheat I guess this totally non-sporty person can ignore that and go onto 6.

I did go onto MapMy Run yesterday and plotted my route from Weeks 5 run 2- it's 4.2km, which was 10 mins warm up and warm down, 16 minutes running and 5 minutes walking. I have no idea how that speed's going to convert to the target of 5K in 30+ mins when I can run for that long.

Hope everyone's having a good day - especially Clare - hope that piriwotsit's feeling better today :-)

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Well done on the big step up - a full 20 minute run is some achievement.

The thought of having to redo a run is one of the things that is keeping me going duing a run, so there is no way I would repeat a week if I was you!! You got through it - been there, done that - so push on.

Your distance is just slightly above mine for Week5 - I did just over 4km - I reckon that is about the "going rate", but reckon that is not quite enough for 5km in 30 mins. I think the aim is to get used to running the 30 mins, then increase the pace so you then complete 5km it that time.

I'm just back from Wk6r2 - I thought that after proving to myself I could run 20 mins, this week would be a doddle (going back to shorter interval runs) but it isn't as easy as I thought. Some good Wk6 advice i read was to make sure you don't be overconfident & go too fast, ensure you pace yourself.

Have a well earned rest now and just think of what you have achieved in just 5 weeks!!


Well done !! I've did w5r3 yesterday and its a huge achievement. Im not going to repeat run three just aim to keep on keeping on!!onwards and upwards. Definitely need to use mapmyrun though; I use an iPod nano and it tells me I've done 2.13kmso I'm hoping I can be pleasantly surprised to know I'm actually doing more! God luck with week 6 - we both can do it!!


Thanks Spud and willnevie and well done to both of you as well! I think I've decided to go onto week6 as well now - haven't actually failed any runs so must be doing something right. All warnings about week 6 and not going too fast (as if...) have been duly noted!

Your ipod nano must be more recent than mine, which does the podcast but nothing else. I am thinking of rewarding myself soon with a new phone though - at the moment I only have an old regular phone and I'm thinking of going smart or at least a bit more intelligent. I want it to play the podcasts (does that mean it has to be an iphone or will Samsung do that - anyone know?) and track me on MapMyRun - so far I've only entered my route manually on the computer.

Phone recommendations from anyone will be very welcome!


I have a Samsung and use it for both the podcasts and tracking my route.

Thinking about looking a different phones though as the internal memory is not good even for someone who doesn't have an awful lot of apps. Battery life can be a bit iffy too.

Might look into Windows phone as I've read that they use energy more efficiently.


Thanks sbhoa - that's good information. My limited research suggested that Android was a preferable OS to Windows - hadn't heard about the battery life issue though. Of course "everyone" seems to have an iphone - I somehow just don't feel that's necessarily the best use of funds even if it is super cool. Many days I only leave the house to run so I don't think I'm the ideal customer!

Feeling a bit low on motivation tonight - maybe it's the weather. Hopefully it'll be dry tomorrow as I have to drag myself out to start week6....

Have a nice evening.


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