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Half way there!

Week 5 run 1 this afternoon. My last run was Friday because I felt a twinge in my left foot a couple of times while I was out - nothing painful that made me stop, but it did feel uncomfortable for a few seconds and then would pass. It felt fine after but was stiff later on and lasted until yesterday so thought I would hold off. It's right on the area where the ligaments were torn and the fracture was the same location at the top of my left foot just below my ankle.

Today's run went really well but the stiffness is back a couple of hours later, I did a bit of stretching when I got home but maybe need to consider icing too...

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hee hee!! when I read "icing" my first thought was cake!!! (and that's why I dont do diets!!)

anyhoooo - very well done on the run. Im only one run ahead - run 2 of week 5 tonight (gulp).

I never thought of it as half way through though, so thanks for that!!

best of luck for your next run, I hope the ankle stays strong after all the stretching and icing

ali :-)


The half way point just struck me as I was leaving my flat. A lot of the time you feel like you have to get so far so that thought spurred me on today!


Icing, mmmmm cake, ice for whisky, I am sure it might help the ankle as well - now I know why I started running, too much cake and whisky.

Hope your ankle feels better soon


A hot whiskey would be needed on a cold night like this! That could warm me up after icing my foot!


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