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W9R2 - foot/leg twisting and what to do for last run!


I wasn’t going to post today, given that my posts are usually pretty boring and this will be no different 😂

I took it slow and steady, and remembered all my tech today! Wore my Apple Watch for an outdoor run for the first time in quite a few weeks, I started Strava recording and I had my Fitbit flex on (which will just recognise the activity but hey ho)

And I love looking at the stats! I did manage to keep my pace pretty constant the whole way (a little slower for my 3rd k but picked it back up again towards the end. The map my watch produced is basically yellow, with a couple of green bits and a couple of red bits. My watch also managed to track my heart rate and my recovery seemed pretty quick.

And I achieved a pb for 2 miles and my second quickest time for 2 miles :)

My legs felt pretty heavy most of the way round and my left foot started to feel pretty weird. I noticed about 20 minutes round it felt like my left leg/foot was trying to twist inwards (ie to the right instead of straight ahead). Would this be down to my shoes?

One more run to go :) not decided if I’m just gonna stick with the 30 minutes and see what happens or see how long it takes me to run 5k.... or if anyone has any suggestions on how to make my last run special then they’re very welcome!

Happy Sunday x

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Not sure what to think about your left leg to be honest. At the end of a few runs I've had 'bambi legs' when I've been really tired and both knees are all over the place.

For my first week after graduation I ran exactly the same course & distance as W9R3. I did this 3 times and got about a minute faster each time.

Started the second week of consolidation this morning and have changed the route to something more difficult (hilly) and just doing 30 minutes at a slow 8 mins per km. I think I'll do this another couple of times this week.

Hope your graduation run goes ok (actually I'm sure it will as you've got this far). See you on the podium!

Ah that’s good advice! It varies how fast I run tbh, sometimes it’s closer to the 7:30 mins per km, and sometimes, like today it’s more around the 8/8:30 mins per km.

And yeah I’ll make it through the last run no matter what, it’ll just depend on how I feel about it afterwards now ! 😃


Not at all boring!! 😁

Have a look at the soles of your shoes. Is the left significantly more worn on one side than the right? How old are they?

Sometimes, once again, it can be just mental... we think something is up and we actually end up doing it more than we were before we noticed it!

Your last (programme) run is going to pretty special no matter how you do it! 👍😉

They’re probably about a year old, occasional use (ie not walking around in them every day type thing, just the occasional half an hour in the gym before c25k).

I did used to have some insoles in my shoes which raised the inside of my foot which seemed to help my knee pain, this was a few years ago and they weren’t doctor prescribed or recommended or anything, my mum just bought me them from boots lol

And thank you :) I hope I’ll be able to keep it up afterwards 😃 feel like I’m going to be a little underwhelmed after my last run though!


Here are my shoes!

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to Sortyourlife

They look OK. They're a fairly supportive shape, should be helping your foot land flat 🤔

Is there a good running shop near you? Some people don't really rate gait analysis, and whilst it's not a miracle worker I found it useful. Wear your shoes in and see what they say. They may just try to sell you new shoes but they may have helpful comments.

Yeah, I’d say they’re pretty worn in. Like although I’m not wearing them all day everyday I’d still say I’ve worn them a fair bit.

And this is what I’m thinking, I’m too nice to say no too! 😂

They do feel really supportive though


Brilliant sort your life! And now for the big one!! Lots of people have decided to run on at the end, so maybe you can even decide on the big day! Have fun and enjoy every second! It’s an amazing feeling! Nothing boring about your posts either! Great stuff! ❤️

Yeah that’s probably what I will do tbh!

And thank you ☺️


When you get tired your shape goes, you start to slump and your knees kinda buckle which can lead to your feet or foot turning in

You might be going too fast if you’re trying for pb’s etc Slow things right down 👍.

Definitely not too fast, i think the pb probably just came from the fact I hadn’t reached 2 miles before 😂😂 (or if I have it’s included my warm up or cool down walk, which are obviously slower). Everything else was slower than ‘normal’ so I don’t think it is that. When it did start to hurt I also slowed down a bit :)

I noticed it pretty much the whole way through too, I don’t particularly think my knees buckled at any point. I’ve always had some issues with my knees though, and I noticed this problem when I started running last year too.


Slow runs build legs 🙂🏃‍♀️😃👍 You will get stronger as you keep going with your running, taking the rest day and bringing in some cross training Everything starts to get stronger to support your longer runs. It all takes time but it’s fun getting there

You can an take an extra day’s rest between sessions if you need to

Yeah I’ve just been running when I feel like I’m ready to! For the first 6 weeks I was okay running every other day, for these last three I’ve usually been leaving at least 2.

And that’s true! I’ve definitely felt myself improve and seen some muscles grow, and any running is better than no running :)

I’m just wondering whether it’s going to be a case of having a gait analysis and getting new shoes, I did have problems with my feet when I was younger but never went to the doctors or anything.


It depends what shows you’re running in now Going to a proper running shop and being fitted for shoes is best. They need to be at least a half size bigger than your day shoes. If you look on google for your nearest dedicated run shop you will see feedback and reviews of the service and then you can choose the one that sounds best, if you’ve not got first hand experience Running shop staff are runners themselves and want to get you the right shoes You can ask to see last year’s models too. They’re cheaper. Also, shops attend local races so have a look on their Facebook pages for when they have a stall as there are bargains to be found I have bought two pairs in this way. my husband just got his first pair of Brooks which are older models but fit him lovely I got a pair two sizes bigger than my day shoes as the brand runs small. All from a stall at a local race. If you attend the shop you get the gait analysis There was a debate about this yesterday on here somewhere 😃

You don’t need to pay a fortune to get a good running shoe. My fave ones were £28 because they were the least popular colour An appley-green colour which didn’t bother me at all 😁.

Ooh nice!

These are my shoes :)


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