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Half way through

I did my W4R2 this morning and didn't think I would make it but I did. Beginning to think I can do this!

These are brave words from one who all the way through the second 3 minute run of today was chanting (in my head) "I hate this, I can't do this) and seriously doubted I could finish today but I did.

With aching legs I'm now off to work feeling surprised but happy that I am pushing myself further each week.

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Well done ksea for pushing forward keep up the good work and somewhere in your journey you will find yourself chanting "I love this" x


You are doing a great job, well done. I have moments when I think I can't do it, but then remind myself how far I have come. Keep going, your going to keep running and realise how much you love it !!!


I hate it too.

Same week as you but there is something inside of me that just won't let me give up.

Will be pretty impressive if we complete this though won't it ??!!


Well done for beating the gremlins! of ourse you can do this. Try changing to "I hate this, but not for long". When I got to that point and felt sorry for myself, I imagined telling my week one, run one self that I was finding it tough - and realized that the "old me" would have slapped me, hard :)


Don't push too hard! Take it slowly and hopefully you will have sufficient puff to get you round without it being too much of a strain. I think if you relax into it and set out to have fun then you will enjoy it more. Find a picturesque route. That always helps


Well done!! I'm about to start week 7 and I was exactly like you. But you can do it!

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Just like Laurav33, I was like this at week 4 / 5 and I am just starting W7. You will get there too.

I read somewhere the other night that during the run you should have enough breath to be able to talk but not enough to be able to sing.

My dulcit tones are only exceeded in horror by the sight of my legs so this is a blessing to anyone in earshot but the point is, if you cannot do this, slow down to a point where you can.

Remember, we are still only just learning and are novices. Mo Farah can rest easy for a couple of weeks yet!

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