Half marathon

I did it and it is all Notbads fault!

Reading her inspirational post last week about her 10k made me sign up to a half marathon in October and then left me worrying all week if I could do it!

So, choice this morning was... Parkrun or my own long run... I opted for the long run before the temperature got too hot..,, managed to run 13.18 miles in 1:51:23 despite taking a wrong turn which meant an extra hilly bit....

I ran most of it with bleeding nipples as my plasters fell off with sweat early on (nice!). Might try a bra next time ;) felt stiff (no) and tired at the end.... But, what a good feeling of achievement... I thoroughly recommend a long run.., pressure of time is off and yet a good time is achieved.... Bring on the hills of Blenheim Palace in October !!!


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22 Replies

  • OOh !! TMI on the nipple front. That sounds like a fantastic run in the heat. Surely that IS a half marathon distance you've already done ? I hope they'll have a crown ready for you at Blenheim Palace !!

  • Hee... Yeah... Here's hoping for more durable nips!! I was wearing a white shirt too... Looked like I had been shot! ;)

  • Well done very impressive time. Sore nipples must be bad you'll have to research a better remedy for your longer runs, that's just not fun.

  • Fantastic. You just went and did it. And what a time, I would be really proud of that!

    However, the 'joggers nipple' thing sounds horrendous. Don't know how you endured the pain! I tend to wear fairly loose tops, so hopefully I will get away with it.

    I have been thinking about setting myself a proper challenge, and had pretty much decided to go for a HM in March next year. Tomorrow I will sign up!!

  • Cheers Nerdio... Go for it... If you can do 10k then I think that the step to HM is not so bad.... I just sort of kept plodding at the same pace.... The hilly bits were the real challenge to it all.... Not monsters, but every undulating country lane looks like Snowdon to me...

  • You are so right. Another few Km, seems like nothing. Its all about pace.

    (Very impressed with your time. MyAsics is predicting 1:54 for me, which I cannot believe. If I double my 10 K time, and add the time for 1K, that's what it comes out at, but I still cannot believe it!).

  • Yeah, I guess it is what we all feel comfy with.... I seem to always run quicker in the morning (ok heat was an issue yesterday... but it isnt everyday) and I also seem to run quicker at "events" (adrenalin, other runners etc).... but I never intend it that way... it just seems to happen and my Endomondo talks to me every KM so I then get a hang of what is going on... I find Parkrun very difficult though as I just seem to want to race it quickly and I am much more out of breath at the end of that than I was yesterday.... still its all good stuff and fun afterwards

  • Yeah, thanks Oldgirl, going to try Vaseline.... Am stiff as a board today, so going out for a walk to try and feel a bit more human!

  • That was a really good time. I am still way slower than that. You need to keep moving today to loosen up.

  • Thanks Windswept...that's what Mrs Burghfield keeps saying as the list of jobs increases ;)

  • Fantastic achievement. No wonder you are feeling on top of the world good luck for October :)

  • Try some bodyglide on those nipples.

  • Sounds like something you get at an Ann Summers party... But hey, if it works... Cheers

  • Haha yes I suppose it does sound a bit iffy, I got mine on amazon

  • Woop woop! Well done on that tremendous run. Look at it this way, keep doing those runs and eventually your nips will be like nobbles of toughened leather x

  • Wow! Just Wow! That is seriously impressive.

    Body Glide is the thing for the nippie problem. I read it on the interweb so it must be true. Take care :)

  • Burghfield you are awesome, team c25k is proud and I accept full responsibility for this one (well, maybe not the sore nipples). :-)

  • Well done and this heat too! Respect! What a great time as well. I am saving my long runs for the cold weather and just keeping to 10-15k for now. Never had the nipple problem myself must be tough!! Notbad is inspirational and a great support here! Good luck to you - you know you can do it! your legs have put the miles in! :)

  • Cheers all..... never discussed my nipples in public before.... its a very liberating experience.... Body Glide here I come and will report back with the results!!!

  • Ha ha - I spent about 6 months discussing virtually nothing but my nipples ... I had just had a baby though ... !

  • Fabulous run and what a great time too.... sorry about the nipples, vaseline may help??

  • Cheers Juicyju am going to lather up with something for sure next time round.... read your Foam roller encounter with interest.... we have bought one on the advice of my son.... looks a bit like a wheel thats fallen off a Tonka toy earthmover..... not quite sure what to do with it yet, but he has promised to demonstrate so we will see!

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