Half way through reward :)

At the end of week three I decided to reward myself on how far I've come considering when I started this I'd not run further than getting to my car in over 17 years!

My reward was a couple of new pairs of proper running socks. Omg they are amazing! I've just completed W4R2 and I feel on top of the world. I did it! Is this the bit where my next run goes totally wrong?!

My next reward is going to be a new pair of trainers as the ones I've got are ok but we reward the kids for hard work so this is mine. A lady loves nothing more than a new pair of shoes right?

I've started to notice a huge different this week with my posture and breathing. I actually recovered well before the next runs and was able to get to the end of the runs and be happy to continue.

Pointless post I guess but WHOOOOO I'm one run away from W5!


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11 Replies

  • This is where you realize that running isn't as cheap as you thought it was and you just hand your wallet over in exchange for coloured tights, fancy socks, gadgets, race entry forms, etc. :)

    And I'm glad you're noticing improvement. I also noticed the recovery getting quicker, rather than noticing the running getting easier. Well done.

  • Thanks. It may not be cheap but my mental state is much better 😂

  • Well done you. Rewards are good, gives you an incentive each week. It's surprising how you notice a difference in such a short time. Onward and upwards.☺

  • Ohh definitely rewards are a good idea!! I live in a world where all my rewards are food related so looking forward to some running stuff after my 20 min jog in a few weeks time! Well done 😀

  • Not pointless at all, it is great celebrate achievements along the way and to reward ourselves ☺

    Welcome to new your addiction, running stuff , better make room in wardrobe or draws you will soon need it 😊

  • Definitely not a pointless post. All things running are definitely not pointless!

  • I am about same place as you just begun wk5 but tend to rerun some and end up with more than a day or two between runs. Just wondered what running socks are? I habe thicker trainer socks with sort of Terry towel inside. They get but sweaty by end of run. Wondered if your socks wick away sweat? I am going to buy running rights as my very old adidas leggings from around 2000 are not small and tend to work downwards as I run so wear thin joggers. V comfortable but fancy something new. Maybe I will reward end of week with socks!

  • My new socks I ordered off amazon and they are called Features. They are high performance snug fit socks and come in funky colours but I got black. I've had zero rubbing on the backs of my ankles and not sweaty feet at all.

    It's all about rewards 😉

  • Will def look for some. Good to give yourself little rewards!

  • I've got more miles socks and they are great, so comfy

  • Yep, I'm a More Mile fan too. Padded toes and heel, anti sweat, anti smell, seamless cushioning. Anyone running without running socks should seriously invest in them. They make such a difference. :-)

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