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W3R3 done with a new running partner :0)

Hi All, this is my first blog post although i've been getting loads of inspiration from you all for the last month now.Really enjoying the program........it's totally addictive and now my 7 year old daughter has started running with me.Last night was our first run together and bless her.....she kept highfiving me and telling me how well i was doin while she ran circles around me! lol When she saw me checking out a local event online she announced that she wants to do it "I want to be an athlete Mum" she said. So we've entered the 5.7k trail/fun run together for this June in Grasmere and i can't wait. The best inspiration in the world! :0)

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That is cool, she sounds really sweet. Good luck with the run.


Inspiration indeed!! children have such energy and enthusiasm. Its a shame we adults lose it!!

The trail/fun run will surely keep you focused in finishing this program, as will your daughter!!

best of luck and keep us all updated.

ali :-)


So jealous! I've had a couple of running buddies, but not as motivating and they didn't stick at it to be honest. I read a great article about children and running a couple of years back and it explained how children naturally take breaks when they get tired because they listen to their bodies rather than worrying about the timer or miles. I've always kept that in mind to try to keep running fun rather than a chore!

This article has guidline on how much a 7yr old should run a week.



Lovely article! I was expecting distances/times - it's much more sensible than that!

How lovely, heavylegs, to run with your daughter. I'm very envious!


I was pretty sure Paula Radcliffe had done a big piece on children and running but I couldn't find it...maybe it was someone else! I wouldn't mind doing the butterfly sprint myself just for a bit of fun...and it would actually get me sprinting :)


What a lovely story. You must be so proud of each other!


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