First post graduation run outdoors with my new running partner :)

Hi all

Well, today was my first post graduation run outdoors and Rio, my 8 year old grandson, accompanied me, making it an extra special run :)

Obviously time and distance wasn't the order of the day, it was just going to be an enjoyable walk/run through some local woods and back but I can safely say we both had good fun. We ended up covering a distance of 2 miles over 34 minutes with an average pace of 17.42 min/mi with our best being 6.33 min/mi when we had a little sprint :) It was also the first run out with my new Garmin although Rio wore that along with my newly acquired running belt.

I had also set up the the 'LiveTrack' facility on the Garmin which allowed the wife, daughter and granddaughter, to follow our run, 'live', on an iPad from the comfort of our home. Because they knew exactly where we were, they came out to greet us at the end of our run with cheers and shouts of encouragement as we ran the last 50 metres or so :) All great fun :)


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  • Oh that's fantastic! I love the family encouragement! :-) glad you had a fun run.

  • Thanks, panda :) I can see him wanting to accompany me on my first park run :)

  • Lol bless him! Are you doing a parkrun soon? I'm doing my second one in the morning :-) I walked 4 1/2 minutes of it last week so I'm hoping that I can run the full way tomorrow! :-)

  • I'm registered but I think it'll be a couple of weeks yet before my first park run. Because I completed my c25k on a treadmill, I want a couple of weeks running outdoors first just to get used to the change. Looking forward to it though :) Good luck for tomorrow :)

  • Hooray! You made it outside, exactly as you planned!

    All that techno stuff sounds like something from a sci-fi movie - is it really still 2014? It's very reassuring to know you can be tracked "live" - eliminates or at least reduces all sorts of safety issues that people have worried about while running "out-of-hours"; dark paths, locked park gates, slippy canal towpaths etc etc etc

    Very sweet that you let Rio wear your new Garmin - what a lovely moment to share :-)

  • Eventually ;) Yes, the 'LiveTrack' facility could be reassuring in situations you describe and it can also be fun for others to follow. The link can be emailed to people and even posted onto Facebook if you wished :) Yeah, Rio really wanted to wear my Garmin so I couldn't say no ;)

  • No is very hard !!!

  • It is ;)

  • Hi Paul, what a lovely way to celebrate your graduation, and what a great example to set your grandson. Health and fitness should be a way of life.

  • Thanks, MarkyMark :) Rio does enjoy such things and he's constantly on my treadmill :)

  • Breaking all the speed records now, are we?

    Glad you made it outside, and as a bonus it was with your grandson!

    How did you found running outside?

  • Lol, well we can but try :) I hadn't ran outside for years, probably 25 years or more, when I used to be in the territorial army and had to keep myself fairly fit. I didn't find the transition from treadmill to road/trail too much of a challenge but it is 'different'. One thing I can safely say though is that it's a lot more enjoyable :) I loved running through the woods and along winding dirt tracks. Wonderful :),

  • Wow! That sounds great! Isn't technology amazing ... I know I sound old (I'm not really that old!) but it really never ceases to amaze me.

    You sound like a lovely Grandad :-)

  • Aww, thanks :) I love technology and, as you probably know, stats :) Like you, I find technology amazing and love gadgets that can take full advantage of such technology.

  • Sounds like fun for both of you. Kids love gadgets. It looks like you will have a running partner for a while :)

  • It was fun and adults (read 'me') love gadgets, too :)

  • Sounds like a really enjoyable run! What an excellent example you are setting your grandson.

  • Thanks, Ullyrunner :)

  • Great run with great technology Paul. Sounds fab. :)

  • Thanks, AncientMum :) It was an enjoyable run :)

  • what a lovely post, I ran with my 4 year old grand daughter and she kept saying does that naughty lady want us to keep running Jude ! She meant Laura

  • Haha. Naughty lady :) kids, don't you just love 'em ;)

  • Well done Paul! I was wondering how it went for you. It sounds like a really good first run outdoors! Did you enjoy it compared to the treadmill?

    Live tracking sounds really cool; a good safety feature too!

    Well done. :-) I'm sure you'll enjoy your first Parkrun too.

  • Cheers, matey :) I loved running outside, the sense of freedom, wind in your face, flies in your mouth, can't beat it ;) Actually, I didn't get to eat any flies but Rio did, two in fact. I told him you're not a proper runner until you've eaten a fly. He pointed out that I hadn't eaten one yet so I had to admit that I wasn't a proper runner......yet ;)

  • What a lovely way to celebrate your graduation.

    The live tracking sounds really handy especially as I am a lone female runner.

    I can set runkeeper to live track but I have to pay, is it free with garmin or do you have to subscribe to something?

  • Thanks, spoonie ;) It's free on the Garmin. I just downloaded the Connect app to my mobile then 'paired' it to the Garmin watch and set the LiveTracker going. It means carrying a mobile with you, too but I would be anyway so it's not a big deal :)

  • Ooh sounds like the reasons to get a garmin are increasing, thanks

  • Lol. Treat yourself, you deserve it :) You can simply add any persons email address who you want to send the livetracker link to and they simply click on that link and can watch you 'live'. Very handy for any number of reasons.

  • Sounds like you had great run with grandson. It's great having time together and he'll think you are really 'cool' ( sure he'll say cool is not a cool word anymore but you know what I mean ) here's to lots more running with grandchildren

  • Thanks, lol, yes I know what you mean I'm happy with 'cool' :)

  • I can just imagine my old man being glued to my comings and goings. NOT! I think he wishes I would get lost! LOL

    You're truly blessed Paul to have such a supportive family. Well done on the technology!

  • Thank you, misswobble :) I'm sure your other half wouldn't wish that ;) I agree, I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful family :)

  • That's so lovely, so happy for you that you had an enjoyable run.....and I love that your family were at the finishing line to welcome you back & cheer you both on......fantastic.

  • Thanks, Amber. It was a surprise to be cheered home but it made me laugh and just rounded the run off nicely :)

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