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Running with friends :-)

Just back from my much anticipated run with my friend. It was great, went really well, very proud of her. She couldn't get the podcasts to download, she said they kept playing rather than downloading and I'd forgot my old phone I use just for running. So we just had to guess timings. But I did have my jawbone up band on so was able to look at the stats when I got home and we seemed to have timed it pretty close to what we should have done for week one. In fact we done one minute extra. Not including our warm up and cool down walks We covered 2.37 km in 21 minutes giving us a pace of 9.2 min km. not bad for her first ever run. Just as I was leaving I said jokingly right see you in 2 days for our next run, and although she looked rather nervous she said I'm actually off work on Saturday, meaning she may well be up for coming out again, but I didn't preassure her I said have a think about it and if you want to just shout and il be over. So all in all a good wee run. Personally I found it quite helpful for me too, as I wasn't pushing myself So I found I could really focus on my posture and running technique. So hopefully she will come out with me again, for both of us. :-) although talking was a whole other matter, we both struggled with that lol but us being us found we couldn't stop ourselves nattering about this and that.

Good times :-)

Also while I'm here, does anyone have any tips for flexibility exercises. (Not the podcasts that go along with the programme, I found them boring and couldn't finish any of them)

I went horse riding for the first time yesterday and discovered that I am not flexible at all.....

I.e I couldn't get me flippen leg back over the horse to get off.

Not the most elegant graceful or dignified moment I've experienced in my life.

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I'm not that good a friend i forgot to take her dress back that i borrowed last week hehe


Blooming thing cut off half my reply that i wrote there.

i think she will come out with me. I def picked up good vibes from her. Fingers crossed.

also for the horse riding knack too. I'm def not a natural at that.


Aww, thanks kitty Kat :-) what size are you ? Feel free to post ? (Kidding) ;-)

The bike is a lot closer to the ground and doesn't keep moving even when we stop. Lol (That's the weirdest bit for me, when you stop and the horse still moves about. I find that very odd ) do you ride ? I'm just guessing with how you said there is a knack to it ?


You go girl. Well done. 12 is the best size. Still got some shape but you feel more comfortable in yourself. (imho, as the kids would say)


Glad everything went well for you and your friend, hopefully you will both get out again on Saturday. Sorry I can't help with flex exercises, I do a pilates DVD but that's about it, I don't know if it helps or not. So, its not like getting off a bike then! :-D


I think Il try a gentle push like kittykat suggested.

i think she will tho. Was lovely to have something to share like that. We hardly see each other these days.


Damn thing keeps cutting off my replies.

and no the horse was more like some kind of army assault course followed by hanging from a really high wall by my finger tips to get off it. Lol

glad i opted for private lessons


Re the downloading of the podcasts, I had to download them to my computer from nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Couch-to... by clicking on them and then clicking on save to desktop and then moved them to my phone as you do with any other music files. That's the failsafe way of doing it.


Thanks. She's got them now


Just an update. Think we have hooked ourselves another c25k-er to our gang. My friend text me this morning to say she just went out for a run she got the podcasts downloaded. Shortly filled by another message saying ooppss i didn't realise i didn't have to do it every day. Silly thing she is. Her run got cut short anyway due to a family emergency. So no harm done on her muscles.


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