A running date with Laura!

Just back from a lovely running date with Laura!

We haven't spent time together for a long while (last time would probably have been after recovering from my injury at the end of last summer) but being back on the forum and hearing people talking about her gave me the impetus to take her out for a run with me!

As I have other friends to run with these days (my mate Stevie Wonder usually comes along with me as does Mark Ronson and Bruce Springsteen often makes an appearance too :) ) I worried that she'd be a bit upset that I had neglected her for so long. I needn't have worried - she was the same old Laura I remembered! It was one of those catch ups with an old friend where you immediately feel as if you've never been apart. All the memories came flooding back - the relentless (and boring) pounding on the treadmill, her taking me for my first run outside and helping me to remember that I don't need to worry about what other people thought about me, the times we nearly fell out when I thought she'd forgotten to tell me to walk, when I took her on holiday with me in Week 8 and the euphoria of my graduation run all those months ago. I couldn't believe I'd forgotten what a good friend she'd been and I felt bad that we hadn't spent time together in so long.

Although I didn't follow her every word like I used to as I have my own plan to follow these days, her encouragement was so welcome (she's so positive that Laura!) and it was lovely to have her there with me. I always loved her cheesy music so enjoyed getting reacquainted with some old tunes. She even brought Julie along with her at the beginning for old times' sake!

I couldn't help the smile on my face when she said "Congratulations! That was so fantastic" towards the end of my run. Her approval has always meant a lot to me and clearly still does. She saw me right at the beginning of my running journey and I think she's proud at how far I've come. I promised her I wouldn't leave it so long next time. Perhaps we'll even make it into a weekly catch up!

When I got home and checked my stats I'd run my fastest pace for months, strangely with a lower than usual heart rate. Must have been Laura's influence - she really is wonderful, isn't she?! :)

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15 Replies

  • She sure is! I bet it was good to catch up with Julie again too!

  • I really loved Julie! It was amazing that just listening to the podcast took me straight back to that determined, focused mindset that I had whilst following the programme. These days it's a far more relaxed approach to running which is nice but it's never a bad thing to shake things up a little. :)

  • Lovely post, melly4012. Nice to see you! Glad Bruce is still making it out occasionally...

  • 'Born to Run' was the first song to come on during my cool down walk after my graduation run. Will always be one of my favourites! :)

  • There are race events near us organised by a company borntorunevents. Bruce plays at the start of every event.

  • Love that! I hope you don't mean the REAL Bruce actually comes and plays at the start of every event?! Because that would be immense...!

  • Alas no we have to contend with a recording.

  • Still good! Perhaps you should have a word with the actual Bruce. The events are named after his song after all... :)

  • Glad to hear you're still enjoying your running. That's the main thing. It's great to get out with your fave tunes !

  • Going out with Laura is like coming across a photo of an old friend you haven't seen in ages, or seeing an old teacher from school. I think we all had a love/hate relationship with her but she's part of our history now. This is such a lovely, mellow post Melly. How lucky we all are to have had Laura and this fabulous forum! Great to catch up with you xxx

  • So so lucky! I'm hoping to stick around the forum now as I realise how much I miss it and its positivity when I don't visit for a while! Miss you all too and felt so out of the loop on my return - so many new names! Will hopefully catch up with all the goings on. Feel free to give me a nudge if I go missing again. Running is far better with a little help from our (forum) friends! :) xxx

  • She is quite special... and a big part of many of our running lives... ! Well done you!!!!

  • I caught up with Laura last week , we had a great run together! Julie came along too... she still has problems, bless😀👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

  • That's exactly how I felt running with Laura again! Like being with an old friend!

  • Yes! I still use the podcasts quite often, and of course the +podcasts nearly every week.

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