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Injury after week 5 run 1 Pain between ankle and heel

So miffed. Ran week 5 first programme on friday ,and managed it- although dog went home half way (LOL). But during Saturday rest day noticed pain in left ankle on outside of foot near funny bone- with a kind of tight and pulling feeling up into calf. OH NO. Fear it is the achilles tendon and reading others posts realise I need great care as I am on this to improve well being and keep metabolism up enough for weightloss on weight watchers. I do NOT want to have to stop exercise.

Have decided to see a sports physio and get professional advice asap- I guess it is not surprising with several stone Xs weight but am miffed and would like more guidance on the foot positions. So miffed as I spent month before just walking, and had gait analysis and everything. Won't give up! But wish the HNS would make the C25k better - it's contradictoy betwen what Laura says and the advice posts and surely foot position is absolutely crucial!!!!! Taxpayers yet again exasperated by NHS not really taking preventative medicine seriously. Smokers get massive help to give up but the majority population with xs weight not really tailored care. Grrrr. Run2go

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I had a problem with my achilles tendon when I tried to follow Laura's advice. Just rested it and went back to running in my normal way. Haven't had it since.


Thanks Boudicca- It feels better after a week of rest and I am seeing a sport physio today to help me learn correct leg and foot positions- determined to get fitter! Run2go


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