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Couch to 5K
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Just finished Run 1 of Week 5 and have such a buzz!

Been following everyone's posts and taking inspiration from you all. I have been taking things very slowly with the programme by repeating a couple of weeks to really get a good base. Today I said, no...now I am ready to move on to Week 5. I feel incredible. Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to run for 5 minutes, let alone do it 3 times. I am a complete novice and one of the older (61) new runners but if I may be allowed to give some advice to other newbies like me, don't be afraid to repeat a week if you don't feel ready to move on, I don't feel a failure I just feel empowered as I see myself growing stronger each time, albeit at a slower pace than others. I know now that I am going to make with the support and motivation that all of you give to me every day. Receiving the posts lets me know that I am not alone. We are in it together and that feels great. Thanks.

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Well done - that's amazing!

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Thanks, I think we are all amazing for starting this adventure. It's life-changing.


You are spot on - it is life changing!


Very very well done.. your journey and your way... :) Slow and steady works:)


Thank you. I am excited to try the next run on Sunday. I needed to have a goal in my life, I am recently widowed. Feeling quite proud of myself for starting this journey with you all. 😊


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