heel pain and running dreams week 7 run 1 looming

Hi All,

I am having heel pain, I have been so happy that my knees finally got used to this a few weeks ago that I just ignored it at first but it's getting worse! I am icing it but what else can I do? It's starting to travel under the arch and it's not disappearing between runs like it was! Just finished week 6 and starting week 7 on Sat. Any advice? I really do not want to stop, I am even having dreams where I am running and loving it (though it is really hard work!).


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7 Replies

  • Have you strapped it up or run with a support on it - that might help, I always run with two support bandages on my knee, one on top of the other for extra strength. So you have running dreams as well? It is lovely to have that freedom in your brain when you are asleep. Wishing the heel pain improves for you.

  • Thanks, think I am going to try some support and see if that eases it. Glad I am not the only dream runner - it's weird but I wake with the same mood boost as an actual run! Hope they stick around :)

  • If its spreading under the arch it may be plantar fasciitis which may need a GP visit. Getting the right support in shoes can help - have you had gait analysis to check you are wearing the right shoes? Hope you can get it sorted soon.

  • I've got the same problem as you with the heel pain. I have stopped running for a few weeks as have heard rest and cold compression are the best cure. I have bought some heel support wedges to put in my shoes which help and also a compression sock that I wear on and off throughout the day. Hope it clears up for you, but I do advise you to rest. I tried to run through my pain but when I did it hurt more than ever after, not immediately but a few hours later and also the next day.

  • THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS........but it sounds like plantar fasciitis and you need to find out about it and take remedial steps. Simple stretches can help considerably. Search the Runners World site. If you don't take it seriously it could stop you running. Your GP can give you a proper diagnosis. Good luck.

  • Hi All,

    thanks for the replies. It is indeed the evil plantar thingy me bob. I am now icing after a run and got some little heel things which have really helped. Dropped down to three runs a week rather than four so I can give it some extra rest too. Really hoping that will be enough because I really don't want to have to stop at this stage. Really can't get over how good the heel things are :) Hope all is well with everyone else's runs x

  • I would guess you have something called " plantar faceitis" I know exactly what you are going through it is very painful,I have had it on and off for about 3 years,Google it!

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