Week 1, run 1.....disappointed :-(

Oh my, I don't think I realised how hard this would be - I am a 36 year old mum of 3, I am 15 stone 8lb and I am used to walking here, there and everywhere but have never been very sporty. I have recently lost 2 stone on the slimming world plan. I have read so many wonderfully motivating posts on here and I thought I would give the couch25k my best shot......I feel so disappointed in myself. I thought I would have completed my first run easily but I am afraid to say I only managed upto the fourth 1 minute run followed by lots of brisk walking. I will perservere though, I am not going to give up!!


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  • Please don't be so hard on yourself! You have done really well loosing 2 stone and making a start on this programme. Just pick yourself up and start again. I think the first run can be for many of us, a bit of the shock to the system but honestly, you will be fine. Take it very easy and keep reading the posts on here - it really does help! Looking forward to reading your next blog! x

  • You did great. You got out of the door and gave it a go and your last sentence says it all, you will persevere and you will do it. Many people have to repeat runs at different stages of the course and there is no shame in that, you will still end up in the same place, just taking a bit longer to get there. As I have already written once this evening, this programme has turned thousands of couch potatoes into happy runners, of all shapes, sizes and ages.

    At times it will be tough, but this community will help you through, we've all been there, and in the end you will discover more about yourself, your body and mind than you ever knew was possible. It is worth it.

    Stick with it, keep posting and you WILL be another success.

  • Give yourself a break! You got off the couch and out of the door, that's the hardest part done :-)

  • How quickly are you running / walking?

    Don't be afraid of slowing down if it helps you get to the end :-)

  • In July I was in exactly the same place as you - plodding slowly along and puffing like a steam train. But tonight I ran 3 km. trust Laura and you will do it.

    Happy running.

  • I could only do 4 of the runs on w1r1 a year ago and now am doing a half marathon next month. You CAN do it, really. Take it slowly and you will surprised as run by run you improve significantly. Good luck.

  • thank you so much for your kind support, much appreciated x

  • Hey Alicia, I was the same as you too except I gave up for 3 months after my W1R1! Just ran for 20mins tonight though, so yes, as everyone says, you CAN do it! x

  • Definitely no need to be hard on yourself! I don't think I even managed 4 of the runs on my first try and am now up to week 7. The main thing is you have started the plan and are thinking positive about continuing. Stick with it, the plan really works, I wish I'd found it years back :-)

  • That first go is way underestimated and is possibly the hardest run to do. So well done for taking it on!

    Seriously, people who do this aren't runners by a long shot. I'm willing to bet we ALL got breathless and had to make ourselves push on! I certainly found it hard at the start!

    Dont feel disappointed at all. I can hear the determination in your voice/post. You WILL do it as long as you are willing to try. And then it will be followed by endorphins and good runs and bad runs, but a massive sense of achievement when you progress. You will continue to surprise yourself.

    Think of it this way too. You've already done more running than those who haven't found this yet, or those who are still procrastinating on the couch. You should be congratulating yourself. Well done!

    I will look forward to reading your progress.

  • Many thanks to you all, you are such a lovely bunch of people x

    Week 1 run 2 here I come :-)

  • Don't underestimate how much you have achieved.

    1) You took the decision to give it a go

    2) You got up,went out and gave it your best shot

    3) When you couldn't run, you walked briskly.

    I am guessing you weren't doing that 6 months ago, and there are a lot of people who would not even have done that!

    You have done great. Don't worry too much about the running, start with 'something a bit quicker than the walk' for the run bits.

    I have to be honest, this won't all happen over night, and it might well not happen in 9 weeks (my C25K certainly didn't). A lot of it is mind over matter, and your last sentence says it all. Good for you.

    Keep going, and keep blogging there's a whole community of people like you who are always happy to listen (well read), and if we can, give advice and encouragement. You will do it, and you will feel amazing. Promise :-)

  • Keep going and take your time, it's not a race. I found week 1 so difficult I repeated it as I really felt I couldn't carry on without being able to run for 1 minute without gasping for breath.

    Tonight I am so delighted as I've just run for 20 minutes - unbelievable in just 6 weeks, and what a feeling.

    Just take it a day at a time and it really doesn't matter how slow you go. Read the posts on this site they are so inspiring and give great advice

    Good luck.

  • Congratulations on getting out there and doing the first run. That's the biggest step to take and you've done it! This is the place to come for encouragement - we've all struggled at one time or another, and everyone has had to force themselves to get out and just run, not make excuses for avoiding it. I'm on Wk 9 but not at 5k yet, but I'm not bothered really. I'm just pleased that I've kept up with the schedule pretty much, and managed to fit it in round work. I'm thinking of myself as a determined plodder sort, not one of the sweaty speeding types who pound past me on the pavement in the middle of their 10 mile training run ;-) Just keep at it, don't expect miracles, just concentrate on getting to the end. I found taking tiny steps at first really helped in those first weeks. And going as slowly as possible without actually falling over. Good luck!

  • We'll done for getting out there. As many others have said it will be difficult sometimes, I remember thinking I was going to exhale my lungs during week 1. But you will get there and experience wonderful highs. You have already proved that you can commit by your success in losing weight so keep going :)

  • Running is hard! I do regular spin classes and body combat classes, by far running is the hardest thing I do. Stick with it, like most things practice makes perfect.

    Remember you can always repeat weeks this is not a race it's all about your own personal journey.

  • I found my leg muscles, that I've not seen or felt for a very long time, doing the Strength & Flex exercises, you do a lot of walking whilst doing exercises or in between exercises so you don't notice your legs getting fitter. I'm a newcomer to C25K but already I say keep going it's worth it.

  • Personally I thought I was going to die on W1R1! So - no shame for admitting it was hard. I was a walker too and running is a whole different thing. Four of 8 is a very good start. I just kept doing w1 until I was able to finish and then moved on. It took me about 3 months to get to graduation but I got there (and I'm older than you!). Hang in there, listen to Laura and don't be hard on yourself. Getting up and out of the house is an achievement with 3 little ones! Good luck! I will look forward to reading your graduation post. :-)

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