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Week 4 Run 1

Last day in the gym today (weep weep). Was dreading today's run, didn't think I would be able to run for 5 mins but did - yippee! Did find it pretty hard though, experiencing pain in calfs and back of thighs when halfway through, but kept going and felt so pleased when I completed the half hour.

Then decided as it was my last day to really go for it, so got on the bike and cycled for 30 mins and covered 11 miles. I have to say I do find cycling so much easier than running. After that did about 20 mins of stretching.

Needed some lunch by now so went and had a sandwich and bought some proper running gear! I've got to complete this programme now! After lunch I decided to finish off with 20 mins of swimming.

Although I enjoyed myself at the gym I do think I might have overdone it, my legs are really aching tonight. Hopefully I won't be regretting it too much tomorrow!

Wish me luck for Wednesday when I go back outside and try run 2.

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wow, talk about a workout, :D

i too did W4R1 today, im glad you managed to push through the 2nd part of the run, it feels great to know you've finished a run doesnt it?

hopefully your legs wont ache to much tomoro, but then again its a good sign really, shows your body is being pushed. x


Good luck for Wednesday when you DO (not "try") run 2. ;-)


I did w4r1 today too. Biggest sense of achievement yet I think. Certainly not easy but do-able after all the training. I'm amazed with my breathing and stamina, I usually puff and pant but its getting easier. Bring on w4r2.


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