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week 7 run 1 completed

this is the very first time I have written a blog. I have been doing my C5k on a treadmill at the gym, but decided on Saturday to take it outside as it was a nice day, but what a difference, I really struggled, I think I started off at too fast a pace and could not get my breathing right. When Laura said I had run for 12 and a half minutes, I thought my lungs were going to burst and my knees give way, so I slowed down a bit and found this did help. I was pleased with myself when Laura said I had been running for 20 mins, but Oh My those last few minutes seemed to take forever, but I did manage to speed up for the last 60 seconds and I was really glad when it was time to slow down to a walk, but I did it I ran for 25 minutes, SO Happy.

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Well done!! I've always ran outside but I've heard many people say when you go from treadmills to outside it's hard so you've done excellent! Keeping it slow is definitely the way to go. You must feel great at that achievement!!


Thank Jefna, Yes I fee brilliant, I am planning to do another run tomorrow afternoon when I have finished work and as you say I will take it slow.


Congratulations Rita! I'm at the same stage as you, W7R2 this morning. I'm still on the dreadmill at the gym so well done you for taking it outside for the first time. Have you been running at a gradient indoors? I heard this helps with the transition outdoors a bit...


I am going to the gym tomorrow so I will give it a try and then my next run I will take outside again and see how it goes.


I found that it iss difficult to judge your pace when you go from treadmill to outdoor as when outdoor you tend to feel your normal TM pace is too slow and speed up to compensate.

If you continue with the outdoors you will find your pace.

Good Luck Rita.


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