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what a run, got up in the morning and didnt really fell up for running but i made myself go to the track any way. and im so glad i did. as it was coming to the end of the podcast i had just one more 3min run to go, but felt great. i managed to run about a lap and 1/2 within the 3 min so when 'laura' told me to slow back down into walking, i countinued running for another lap. and then fnished with a walk for a last lap to cool down. so i must have been running for about 5mins at the end. it felt great and made me realise i can push myself harder than i have been doing so. :) can't wait for week 4 now xx

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"What a run!" That says it all. Congratulations on getting out there. Mind over matter... will hold you in good stead for later on in the programme.


Well done. Sometimes you do have to force yourself but it is always worth the effort. :-)


That really was a good run! Lovely to know you've got extra stored up ready. :)


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