W3R3 completed! :)

Hi guys/gals,

A bit late posting to the forum I know but I did complete my last run of week 3 on Tuesday afternoon. It was actually touch and go with regards to getting a chance to do it, and I wasn't so sure I would get to do it. This was mainly because I had another job interview on Tuesday morning in Exeter, and as I was told I would also be doing assessments as well, I just didn't know how long I was going to be in there for. Since I started the c25k plan I have been at home (Tamworth) so I've been able to go out running from there, and as I know the area, I know where I can go running without any distractions. It was a different story on Tuesday though.

In the end, I finished earlier than I thought and was able to drive down to Penzance where I parked up in the Tesco car park. From there, I crossed over the road, joined the coastal pathway and completed my run in really nice surroundings. It was a very windy day though but that was quite nice as it kept me nice and cool. I would've loved to have taken a photo during my run (maybe over the beach towards St Michaels Mount) but I had left my phone in the car. :(

So, I have now completed week 3 of the plan, which is great, but I can tell you I am not looking forward to week 4!! I understand it's a big step up from week 3 and I'm required to run for a lot longer but I really don't think I'm going to be up for it. I will give it a go but I truly believe I've not built up enough stamina and endurance to finish w4r1 successfully and this is going to be the first time I will fail to keep up with the plan.

Wish me luck because I really think I'm going to need it!

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  • Please believe that most of us thought the same as you did at each new week, and have faith in yourself and the program. The hardest steps will be those going out the door. After that, just take your time and don't push too hard. If you feel like you are struggling then slow down but don't walk. If you really can't go on, then it's no big deal, just try again. You've done great to get this far, now this is where the improvements will start to show. Enjoy week 4, and get ready to feel proud of yourself.

  • Thanks for the great reply MrBob! :)

    Yes, I do trust in the plan which is why I am going to continue on with it and if I do struggle then I will just have to repeat the week again. (I certainly don't want to quit).

  • Hi there

    I am just sitting having a coffee after completing W3R3 myself. It does seem a bit of a step up to week 4 in terms of numbers of minutes running but I think if I just go REALLY slowly, I'll manage it.

    Not sure how much more slowly I can jog to be honest. I've got pensioners with zimmer frames speeding past me! Still, I didn't think I could do 3 minutes so we'll see what happens next.

    Good luck next week.


  • Hi there Suzhou_Gail,

    Thanks for the comments and yeah it does seem to be a fairly big step up to week 4 from week 3, but like the others have pointed out, it is all part of the designed plan, so I am trusting in it and hopefully it won't be as bad as it first sounds and we might surprise ourselves. I'm certainly going to give it a good go, and if I'm not up to it, then I'm not afraid of doing what some others have done and simply repeat the week.

    Good luck with your week 4! :)


  • I am in the same boat but at least we are going faster than those on the couch πŸ˜†

  • So true Bradaz! :)

  • Hi Lee, you'll be absolutely great as long as you go nice and slow, then slow down a bit more. The programme is very well designed so as you complete one run your body is ready for the next. It's our minds that tell us otherwise (little gremlins) good luck with it Lee. Can't wait to hear how you do. πŸ˜€

  • Thanks again Vanessa! :)

    Yeah, I understand we have to push ourselves and I believe in the plan, so I will certainly be giving it a good go. I really want to complete this c25k! I will indeed go nice and slow and hopefully I will end up being pleasantly surprised. I'll ignore those gremlins...for now! ;)

  • Let us know and best of luck with it

  • Cheers! :)

    Yeah, I have now done w4r1 and it wasn't half as bad as I was anticipating, so it just goes to show you that the plan works if you keep up with it.

  • Well done due to complete week 3 tomorrow missed a few days as I was sick , so I should be starting week 4 on Thursday πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Excellent stuff. All the best with starting your week 4 tomorrow! :)

  • The step up in time percentagewise is actually greater between week 2 and 3 than between week 3 and 4. If you can get your gremlins to recognise that, you'll have got your head round the step up in time. Having said that, I confess I repeated week 3 twice before moving on to week 4! Whichever you decide, enjoy it. Every run is taking you closer strength and stamina-wise to being able to run for longer than you could believe possible. You're already doing amazingly. Keep it up! :)

  • Hi McFitty,

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement, it really does help! :)

    I hadn't noticed the step up was greater from week 2 to week 3. That's good to know! :)

    Yes, I believe in the plan so I'm definitely going to carry on and if I do find it too difficult to complete the week, then I will join you in simply repeating the week again. But we will see. Hopefully I will surprise myself.

    Thanks again! :)

  • Yes, exactly as McFitty said. It was greater step coming from W2 to W3. But I can tell you, it was even greater step coming from W0 to W1 and off that couch!

  • You are absolutely right there ench0. Thanks! :)

  • And look where you are now ench0! More proof that c25k works :) Hope you've got your graduation robes pressed and ready ;)

  • Got my first W9 last evening, it was like walking on clouds. My first road-side run and imagine just few weeks ago I was too shy to run in a park. I really felt confident, even enjoyed looking at my surroundings, taking my time, slow and steady. W3 is just distant memory. :)

  • That is great to hear, and is definitely good encouragement to us newbies. Thanks, and well done to you too ench0! :)

  • So true. Every time I feel disappointed that I am not making the progress which I hoped to make, I remember how far I have come and all the great support. The most difficult thing was crossing the doorstep and doing the first run!

  • Exactly! And that's how we should be *everytime* we go out the front door for a run! :)

  • WOOHOO!! well done Lee337.

  • Thank you How_to! :)

  • If you have followed the plan then you are ready!

    Have faith in yourself and the programme. Be positive! It works wonders

  • Hi misswobble,

    Thanks, and yes I do have faith in it and I am going to give it a good go! :)

  • I'm just about to complete week 3 today with run 3 and like you I'm quite apprehensive about week 4 as the runs are a lot longer. I can just about manage 3 minutes but as Laura says don't give up even if you're legs are really tired. I'm anticipating having to repeat week 3 but hey! we might surprise ourselves :) thinking back to week 1 running for 60 seconds was really tough but when you think how far you've come and how much your stamina has improved I'm sure you can do it!

    Have faith in yourself and good luck! Looking forward to seeing your post saying you did it!

  • Thanks for that debze! :)

    Yeah, it does sound like a massive step up doesn't it but as it's been pointed out earlier, the step up from week 2 to week 3 is actually more! So, we will see. Many people have already completed the c25k plan so we know it works, even if some of us have to repeat a week or two. If that's what it takes then so be it, I will just repeat a week if I need to. As we all know, it's not a race and we must all find our own pace to complete the plan.

    Good luck with your last run of week 3 today. I'm sure you will fly through that now.

  • Just keep doing what you've been doing Lee, its got you this far hasn't it ? :-)

    This is perfectly do-able , the programme wont throw anything at you that youre not prepared for . You are ready to take it on , its just your head playing games with you , you just need a little bit of self belief :-)

    Good Luck you can do this ! xxx

  • Thanks for that poppy. Yeah, I believe in the plan and I aim to get through it, however long it takes! :)

  • Sounds like a lovely place to run. You'll be fine next week - your body is ready, it's only your mind that has doubts. You can do this!

  • Thanks Ully! :)

    Yeah, it's a nice part of the country. It's just not easy finding a decent place to do the runs.

  • Lock those gremlins firmly in their box, you are ready for this! πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸ»

  • Yeah, thanks Jacsw. I hope you're right! :)

  • We all felt worried but trust the programme and you will be fine. Sounds like a lovely run in Cornwall.

  • Thanks for that Lon70. :)

    Yeah it is nice, just not so easy finding a decent place to run!

  • Have faith in yourself. I have also just completed week 3 run 3. We can do this.

  • Thanks Bradaz! :)

    I completed the w3r3 the day before yesterday, I had a rest day yesterday and actually managed to do w4r1 this evening. It was just starting to get dark as I went out but managed to complete it.

    Don't worry about week 4 mate, you will be more than capable of completing it as long as you've already completed all the previous weeks. All the best! :)

  • Thank you. Will be starting it on Monday. I am too embarrassed to run in public and couldnt handle any fat lass sniggers or comments so i am currently using the treadmill in the gym at work x

  • No problems. I can fully appreciate that and you're not the first to be too embarrassed to go out running in the public eye. I think every single one of us feels the embarrassment when we first start running. At least you are doing something about your fitness, so fair play to you for that and I wish you all the best with it. x

  • I am on W4, Day 2 and it has been a real struggle for me! I was jogging so slow near the end that I felt like I was walking. Very tough but I will build up my endurance.

  • Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe you are still going too quick. I have just started week 4 today and wasn't that confident about having to run for longer, but I was quite surprised how I managed it ok. Yes it was tough and my lower legs/feet were aching like mad, but I done it. Everything seems to be going to plan so far and I'm really chuffed how it's working out so well.

  • I am going to slow down. I believe I am being to aggressive and am only hurting myself.

  • Yeah it does sound like that's what you are doing and you'll be amazed at how much longer you can go on for if you go slowly and keep a nice steady pace. Right from the beginning I have made a real conscious effort to not go too quickly, as I learned that's the main thing that tires you out.

    Good luck with it and don't forget to let us know how you get on! :)

  • good luck I am still on Week 3 with one more run to go!! Now I am worried as I have been finding this week quite hard !!

  • Thanks sarahspain. :)

    Don't panic! You will find every run of every week tough, but they are all doable. They really are. They are supposed to be tough because that's how our bodies improve, as long as we don't try to go too quick and we take enough rest days. Believe in the plan.

    I've now reached week 6 and it's working for me so far. Just keep going very slowly, nice and steady and you will also be at week 6 in no time.

    Keep us all posted on your journey! :)

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