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Parkrun - 5km PB!!! 24:13

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Hi all!

My aim for today's run was about 26 minutes. I have a 10 mile training run tomorrow and I thought I should reserve some energy for it. I told a few of the Parkrun regulars that I would be running a slower one today and was told I was young enough to be able to go a bit faster! However it was my full intention to run a slightly slower one today.

I got to the half way point and the guy timing shouted out my time "half way point 12:15". Bit of mental maths told me that I was at my PB pace and I felt like I had a lot of energy left. The ankle is now about 95% and gives me no issues when running, so I felt that I could step on it in the 2nd lap. I overtook two people that I had encouraged me to run a bit faster and on the final two straights I pushed myself a lot. I was gasping for air by the end and was all but blind with all the water on my glasses but 24:13 was a good time.

When we all finished one of the guys came over to me and said "26 mins, my ar*e!"

I didn't run the 1st lap as fast as I could which was why I had the energy to push on at the end, I have been consistently improving so I feel like I am on for a 23min 5km by the end of the year.

So 10 miles tomorrow. Bring it on.

Here is a link to my run:

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Great run Aftabs, love the last couple of tags "blind lap gasping" probably sums it up!

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AftabsGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Thanks, and that is how the last straight felt like!

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Well done Aftabs, great run again, you really are motoring these days. Hope tomorrows 10M goes well for you. You must be well on track for your 1/2M.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks! I'm hoping tomorrows 10M is about 1:40 which keeps me on track for a sub 2hr HM.

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Brilliant Aftabs! I'm exhausted just reading about your parkrun today and then 10m tomorrow. Well done you.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to squaremum

Thanks! I never would have thought I was capable of running these distances or times, I think it just shows we all have an inner runner locked up and C25K is the right key!

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You are putting us to shame with these amazing times every week - so well done, hope you still enjoy you 10 miles tomorrow!

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AftabsGraduate in reply to c4ts

Well it's all thanks to C25K! I have no aches or pains from today's run so I'm still looking forward to the 10M. I'll be plotting the route this evening.

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Blooming good time that. Last Saturday I did 21km in 2.5hrs 45 minutes after i did a parkrun in 25m so you should be fine for your run tomorrow :-)

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AftabsGraduate in reply to crox

Wow that's impressive! Well done on that achievement and thanks for the encouragement.

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Wow, that's fantastic, as a beginner I'm in awe !

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AftabsGraduate in reply to Twizzle53

Thanks! I still consider myself a beginner having only been running since April, but I hope to keep running for years to come.

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Great time and good luck for tomorrow. Hope the weather isn't too bad for you.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to wilmacgh


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The man to beat......... Great time Aftabs and huge respect for taking on 10 miles tomorrow. I did my first five mile run today and feel I am well on target for 10k by the end of the month. Don't forget the snorkel, tomorrow. Good luck.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks Ian. The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is OK in East London so no snorkel required! It'll be a bit chilly though but I'll have to gt used to that now.

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Only one word - SENSATIONAL. What a runner!

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AftabsGraduate in reply to Malcy

You are too kind, thanks!

Nice 5k time and sounds like that ankle is back to good health. Enjoy your 10mile run today.

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AftabsGraduate in reply to runningnotwalking

Thanks! I just got back from the 10M and wrote about it.

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Blummin hell Aftabs that's incredible! Well done

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AftabsGraduate in reply to Jefna


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