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B210K W3R3 When one becomes two !


Hello lovely C25kers,

I can see there has been lots of weekend running and I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's exploits, good, bad and downright knackering.

I'm still plodding along with B210K. The programme can really push you, and where for C25K I was launching myself out of the door every other day without fail, I've relaxed the rules and I'm now running 3 times a week and relishing the extra rest day here and there. It also means I can fit in a game of tennis or swim on a rest day without being scared of jeopardising my next run.

Anyway, despite this new found leniency I had a run firmly penciled in for Friday evening. Rather than doing my usual thing of dinner and 1.5-2 hours faffing around waiting to run I decided to eat and jump in the car to drive an hour and a half to Worcester where I was spending the weekend with my boyfriend. I text and let him know The Plan and set off. When I got there he was all kitted out in his running gear and ready for the off. This was not in The Plan, I thought to myself darkly.

He has tried, and failed to accompany me on my run before. But back in Week 4 of C25K with the shorter intervals and longer walks I felt justified in sending him on his own lanky way, now, I couldn't really use that excuse. He was fine with the timings, less fine with me insisting that Sam would very much be coming too, but after a quick route plan in case he wanted to speed off ahead we made a start. This was my second 'social' run ever. My first, C25K W9R2 was with my best friend. She's only been running for a year and I tower over her diminutive 5ft1 measuring in at a whopping 5ft3 myself. Anyway, the boyfriend is entirely another story, being nearly six foot and having recently ran a Half Marathon it's safe to say I was nervous.

But, we set off, initially I found it difficult to pace myself, distracting having someone lolloping alongside with strides twice the length of mine and found myself worrying about my heavy breathing our route and what it might bring. However, we ploughed on and I started to enjoy myself. There were lots of people around at 8 on a sunny Worcester evening and our surroundings running down to the river were beautiful and mercifully flat. We finished the first seventeen minute run and I breathlessly told the boy to go on without me which he didn't. This disobedience must stop. We restarted and I felt comfortable and happy, the boy was breaking a sweat on what was quite a warm evening and I was starting to realise he wasn't, as I always assumed, a tireless running machine. We ran by the river crossed the bridge and found our way down onto the racecourse. Onwards. The second 17 minute run was over. By this stage I was confident, despite running partly on grass which I find really tiring I knew I wouldn't be stopping now irrelevant. Off again, and the last section was uphill climbing back up off the flood plain. I had enough breath to give the boyfriend, who was looking distinctly pink updates on how much running time remained and even a small rendition of one of Sam's fine musical offerings. And we were done!

51 minutes running and a laughable 10m added to my previous distance. It didn't matter, I was delighted offering my boy a victorious high five and pat on the sweaty back. I abandoned Sam for the cool down walk and basked in the beautiful evening and the unexpected joy of sociable running. I felt fantastic knowing that for all the times I've been telling him 'I'm going on run' 'I've been on a run' 'I had a dream about my run' etc etc etc he could now see the results of my efforts. We'd covered 8.2km at an average pace of 6.3 minutes/km. This is a very usual average pace for me and I was proud to have paced myself so well in a new environment. Despite sneakily working out my boyfriend had ran the HM at around 5.1 minutes/km I didn't feel bad, I'd set a constant pace with no flagging at the end and he'd said it was fine and that I'd looked steady and strong. Steady and strong on a 51 minute run! I was on a running high for the rest of the weekend. And the 509 calories we scattered around Worcester justified a glass of wine or three (not that I normally need a reason!)

So there's my big running boast. And the lesson; don't let The Plan boss you around. You can have a good run in your usual setting but if you try something new it might be fantastic.

Now onto Week 4 with Sam. Another minute on each interval and I feel happy about it. Who knows, one day soon i might be seeing 9 km on Monsieur Garmin.

Hope you are all well and happy,

Emily :)

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Morning, Emily. :-)

Your run sounds -and looks- excellent. (Nice photo!) You seemed to take to social running quite well; I haven't done it yet and am partially dreading it for when it happens! You're progressing really nicely through The Plan; it's encouraging to see you doing so well with it. Your three glasses of wine were wholly deserved after such a run and tremendous progress! Not long until you'll be running HMs with your boyfriend!

Happy resting! :-)

emkeenanGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Thanks Miles.

I think if anything it should be your running partner that should be dreading it, you speed demon :) I think social running is great as long as you're comfortable enough to be honest about what you need. For me a full 5 minute warm up walk and the wearing my headphones were non-negotiable, and knowing that meant I had a really good sociable time!

You should definitely give it a go though, I think still being a relatively new runner you get that sense of amazement at your own running afresh if someone is there to witness it.

Have fun :)


Woo hoo, it's lovely to have company when you're running. I too am doing b210k and shall start the final week (60 mins non-stop running) and have dragged my DH out (on his bike) whilst I have done my last two runs.

Good luck with the rest of your programme :)

emkeenanGraduate in reply to ZoomZoom

Oh wow Zoomzoom! It's so good to hear someone is coming out the other side of B210K unscathed! 60 minutes is such a long time to be running and it's great to motivate yourself by changing things up a bit. let us know how the next week goes :)


Woo hoo! Good to hear about a great run in some great scenery and that B210K is working out... keep it up! I haven't run with anyone else yet (with the exception of 658 other Parkrunners a few weeks ago) and that sounds like a great way to let the time tick by... :)

Best of luck on your journey to 10K...

emkeenanGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thank you, it really did give me a boost and break up what I have to admit is a slightly monotonous time in the B210K programme. You should definitely try finding a running partner, having said that I've so far wimped out of getting involved in a Parkrun so we all still have new experiences to come :)


That sounds just fab Keenun! That's what I'll call you from now on!

Lovely photo and what a setting for your run. Some of us have to manage with the glass strewn back passage through the factory! LOL

Glad you enjoyed it and gave your lanky, speed merchant of a boyfriend a run for his money. Take care though as you don't want to crock anything! It's ok having company but you don't want to be pushed beyond your limits. Or should I be addressing those remarks to him! LOL

I love Sam Murphy podcasts, the music and lyrics are inspirational and some of them are dead funny.

Happy running on Week 4. I must admit to getting stuck but I repeated til I could move on

emkeenanGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble :)

For now i think it's me who makes sure i don't over exert myself but he does need to watch his back in the future. I'm also very much warming to Sam and grinned to myself every time she told me I was 'kicking a little butt' this week. Looking forward to hearing what she has to offer in Week 4.

emkeenanGraduate in reply to misswobble

P.S I love the new nickname. My friends are also inclined to refer to me as 'Keeno' which i think was inspired for my enthusiasm for any silly adventure going.


Thanks KittyKat I do hope there's a HM in my future however distant. Whether we'd ever be able to run 'together' remains to be seen :)



Having spent my day with Garmin Connect open obsessing over past and future runs I came across my Personal Records section and there I found a big surprise. On this run I set a new 5 km PB!! I had gone down from 32 minutes something to 31:05 :D:D

This amazed me, as I only ran for 3 lots of 17 minutes meaning that this new record must contain a minute of walking! This gives me great hope that my 5km time is coming down, and if I ran a 5km straight out I might sneak under the 30 minute mark. What a delightful and unexpected bonus!

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to emkeenan

Woop! Excellent stuff! Well done on the new 5K PB! :-)


You know I think I should. Word on the street was that running longer distances would lead to a quicker 5 k time but I didn't think it would happen so quickly, one happy camper.

Are you experiencing this phenomenon yourself KittyKat?


Wahay! I didn't find the Records Section on the Garmin connect thing either. There I was with a PB and didn't know it. I think it was some kind person on here that unlocked the trophy cabinet

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