It's been along time, but 5km Park Run done today

This Summer has been a bit all over with my running this year, hay fever being the bane of my running life. Last night Mr Rfc came home to tell me we had a nail in one of our tyres and he was getting up early to go get it sorted,. So I bit the bullet and said drop me off at the park, it'll make it the perfect timing to go to Park Run. My last one in June was a DNF. (Did not finish), and I really haven't had a good 5km since.

So this morning up I got and went. The one thing I'm not ecstatic about my park run is that it is three laps. Lap one is always tough as your getting going. Then on to lap two, today as I was going round lap two all that was going through my head was, "I'm not having fun". " Why am I doing this" " even if I get a PB it won't be worth all this".

Then lap 3 came, "I cant quit again". " Am I last". ( I was third from the last, I'm happy at the back of the pack) " I must finish this, this time".

It took everything I had to push myself up the funnel and get my token, I felt like I was on my last legs, It had been a hard and slow parkrun but I had done it.

Turned my Garmin off "NEW RECORD". I got a Pb,. 10 min faster than my training time. My treadmill speed work must be working. I was on a high, best run for ages and it was all worth it I think I will go and join them again for the 27th for Team GB.

The things that go through your head, you would swear I was two different people during and after a run πŸ˜€. There are still some days when my brain hates pushing my body and my mind is fighting it every step but I've felt such an accomplishment for the rest of the day it really was worth it and I can't wait for my next run. Also On the plus side I have been so much more productive today as my head felt so much clearer, I have sat down and designed half a new website for our bowls club, all in all a very positive day.

Happy healthy running to you all.

Rfc X.

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  • Well done RFC! I did Parkrun today and found it tough at the beginning, and it's one of the toughest Xcountry courses, but managed to keep it there and got a PB for this particular course...😊

    Btw I hate nails in tyres! I had one in my rear tyre earlier this year which only had about 3k on it, and had to have the tyre replaced!πŸ˜–

  • Well done on your Pb. Ouch on the tyre at least our was on the cards soon, it's the only thing that took the sting out of it.

  • Well done you! Brilliant for keeping going! I did my first parkrun last weekend and found it soooo hard, had the same thoughts "why am I doing this?" And then felt fab for having done it, so understand completely! Congratulations on your new PB:)

  • Thank you. I find my natural stubbornness helps. It's a great feeling at the end isn't it?

  • Well done RFC! Back in the game!

  • Thank you. It feels good.

  • Great stuff Rfc, back on track, Well done xxx

  • Thank you, I was beginning to worry but the old buzz was around all day today.

  • Great job RFC :-)

  • Thank you.

  • Well done! My target is to complete a Parkrun once I have graduated (way to go yet!). Hope my gremlins are less vocal than yours :-D

  • Thank you. You'll be fine, hay fever has taken some of my energy away and that's allowed the gremlins to shout a little but I think they've been put in their place now πŸ˜€

  • Well done for going in the first pale - and then a pb. Mine has 3 laps for the winter course and I hate it.

  • Thank you. I've seen marathons that have laps! How hard must that be?

  • I know - it's like the 10k last night, I don't know how they keep their focus just going round 400m again and again. Obviously a different mind set.

  • Love all of this post but especially..."best run for ages and it was all worth it" Congratulations on your fab pb :)

  • Thank you. It's a magical feeling when you get one of those special runs.

  • Funny, soon as I read "even if I get a PB it won't be worth all this" I thought, "WRONG"! If ever there was an incentive for those of us who struggle with running then it's the mystical PB. The key to keeping going with this running lark I think is to remind yourself that it's the training runs that produce the PB and the resultant high, not your performance on the day. A bit like taking an exam I suppose, with the final mark merely validating the study and revision you've put in beforehand (not not). Congratulations on the PB!!!

  • Thank you, your right and I agree with you, it's just sometimes during the run your mind can play awful games and I know with or without the PB after the run I would of felt great it's just some days during "oh my" I struggle but I always feel fantastic afterwards just the fact I Did it makes me feel great. To me it was those pesky gremlins at their worst trying to put me off track.

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