Week 6

So, up until week 5 I was trundling along nicely. W5r3 was a great lift and felt I was doing great.

Then week 6 happened. Run 1 was a massive low. I felt negative and really struggled to complete it.

Run 2 was great, it really was a breeze... So much so the run and the cool down walk totalled 4.9k in distance! And in just about 35mins. Perhaps I was a tad too fast, but felt great at the end.

Run 3 was a disaster. A total disaster. My legs just totally gave out and stiffened right up with about 6 mins to go. I managed to get going and slow ran (also known as fast walking whilst wiggling my butt). Today, my legs have been in agony, stiff and feeling like they are on fire.

I believe I put far too much into run 2 and that caused me problems... Need to remember to pace myself better. I also think the tree different runs in a week does not suit me. I should be running on Monday, but might leave it until Tuesday if my legs are still funny. I was in two minds about repeating week 6, but I have decided to put on to week 7 and see how I do with it and take it from there.

Argh! It does feel like one step forward, two back.


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  • Take it easy christop - not sure what other advice to give but I am sure lots of the other lovely helpful people on here will say the feelings of setback will soon subside and once your legs are rested you will be raring to go again (whether that's onto week 7 or repeating it doesn't really matter as you are still progressing through the programme). My W6R3 is on Monday coming and I have been following advice I think you gave someone a week or so about breathing - it has really helped me get through this week so far - thank you!

  • I also had a great W6R2 but struggled with W6R3, however I just went straight on to Week 7 as every run is just the same as W6R3 so I thought it would give me 3 more chances to 'get it right'. I have now finished week 7 and still don't feel that I can run 25 minutes easily, but I can do it, and that's amazing when you think back to how little I was capable of 7 weeks ago!

    Onwards and upwards! :)

  • I also had a 'low' W6R1, I haven't done R2 or 3 yet. Apparently it's quite common for W6 to be rough after the high of W5R3. It sounds like you need a few rest days to recover and be ready for W7. Getting closer to graduation now :)

  • W6 is well known for tripping people up, it's a monster! You've finished it now, put it behind you and move on to W7. That's what I'd do anyway. By all means take an extra rest day or two if your legs don't feel up to it. Well done for keeping going best of luck xx

  • It does sound as if you might need an extra rest day to give your legs a chance to recover. Take week 7 back to basics - go slow, then slower! I Think week 6 is actually harder than week 5 as you are on such a high after doing your first long run you go into week 6 thinking that going back to intervals will be a breeze! I Know when I did it I just went too fast!

  • Its probably like grade 5 in music exams - the one that sees people fall by the wayside if they're going to - by that I mean most people find it tough so sorry, you're just normal and the same as everyone else. So keep going! If its any comfort, I'm just about to start wk 8 and its been tough since the start of wk 6 - but you either are determined to carry on or not. Everyone says its a mental thing - so, don't injure yourself, but keep going - you will succeed - thousands have before us. Good luck.

  • Everyone is right - week6 is a killer! Particularly that first run of the week. It causes so many problems, but you know what, you did it! Not only that, you completed the other 2 runs of the week, too. Forget about week 6 now, move on. By all means, take an extra rest day if your legs feel stiff (investments in foam rollers and/or a sports massage will really pay off here!), but move on.

    You are a runner - Laura has already told you that, so it must be true! What the remaining weeks of the program are for is to convince you of that. Weeks 7-9 are a head game. Those shoulder gremlins will be whispering away, sowing doubts in your mind. Ignore them. You can do this. Just remember, it is not a race. Go slow. Go really slow! Take a friend out with you and try to talk as you run. Choose a new route and enjoy the scenery, but stay firm. You are just 9 runs from graduation. Listen to your body to avoid injury, but banish those gremlins. Week 7 here you come!

  • Thanks for all the replies. My legs are sore and stiff today - I need to go to the shops later (lidl for running socks! They are great for the price) so I am hoping the very light walk will help lossen me up. I was thinking about it this morning and came to the conclusion that I have been going too fast (I want to be able to do it now!), and I have been so positive for the last 5 weeks I just hit a bit of a low point.

    So I have a plan for week 7....

    Run 1: take it slowly to start (for the first 10 mins), and then pick up the pace

    Run 2 & 3 get back to a good constant pace.

    Thanks for the nice & positive comments.

  • Are you taking a good stretching session at the end of each session at least 3 reps of 30 seconds on each area?

  • I have just finished W6r2 and am surprised how hard it seems after the full on 20 minutes last week. I have decided that it is actually harder to stop and start. I have also realised that my knees need 2 rest days between each run to recover. I think that by this stage in the programme we need to work out what works best for each of us and just plug away at it. I hope you have loosened up now and are feeling ready for W7.

  • I think that this board is great for the "it isn't just you" reassurance! My legs are feeling better than they were, still a little stiff though. I suppose we are all subjecting our varies to something they are not use too and they need to adapt... And we shouldn't forget that.

    I am thinking about giving a run ago tomorrow midmorning and just keeping it very slow and relaxed. I was out the other day and seen somewhere worth a run - nice, flat and along a river so the wildlife will be nice.

    Walkerjusty - we will all get there, and before long we will look back and wonder how we found it so difficult. Onwards and upwards (but on nice flat ground... Obviously!)

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