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Week 6 completed - officially a runner (who'd have thought!!)

After Monday's run, which struggled with, I was dreading tonight's 25 minute run. How was I ever going to manage 25 minutes - it seems like an age stretched out in front of you. :(

I took my other half with me (it's becoming our Thursday routine). Negative thoughts were desperate to be spoken - could I do it, would I be able to do it? Would the discomfort I felt on Monday come back. A few encouraging words helped get me started and put those thoughts to the back of my mind. :)

The 1st 5 minutes were, as usual, a struggle with regards to breathing but I seemed to recover much quicker than previously and settled into a nice breathing pattern. Negative thoughts started to resurface after 5 minutes - how was I going to carry on for another 20 minutes? :(

Ignored those thoughts and carried on. Fully expected to get the discomfort that I had on run 2 but my legs felt a lot better and the bigger muscles seemed to join in this time! The difference today was more pre-run stretching particularly of my achilles. :) . Thanks for the advice Julie. Having said that my lower back did not like running up the short sections of hills.

I don't know what happened at the 15-16 minute mark but my breathing got out of sync and I took a while to get it back under control. Around the 20 minute mark my other half suggested I speeded up a bit but I decided not to - just wanted to get to the end in one piece. He wasn't happy when Laura said speed up in the last minute and I obeyed willingly!! Am very glad of other half's support tonight to help me to get to the end and hear those special words "you are officially a runner"!!

Apparently I'm Custard to his Roobarb (according to him) - not so sure I entirely like being compared to a mad pink cat - even if I'm the right colour! :D

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Fantastic!!!! Well done you! Having done this run yesterday I know exactly how your feeling and how you felt on that run!!! Its so nice so many of us are round about the same point in the program as it spurs us on not to be left behind. I have come unstuck on the longer runs due to not stretching and thanks to the advice on here hope I am now on track with that. Would be nice if that could be built into the podcasts so we all get into that habit of good practise.

Its great that your other half is giving you such support and something you can both eventually enjoy together (been told that comes in time but can't say enjoy is the right word for me at the moment as I still find each run so hard).

Good luck with your running!!


Thanks - will definitely be doing more stretching - I think it helped. I also can't say I'm enjoying although I love the buzz when I've finished the run! x


Isn't it a great feeling? Congratulations ... runner!


Thanks - it certainly is a great feeling!


Hey Helen, I did it tonight too. We've made it through two-thirds of the programme; can you believe it? Only nine runs to go. Into the single figures. Whoop, whoop!


Well done to you too! I hadn't worked out how many more runs we have to do. Nearly there. I'm thinking about what I will do after graduation.


Yay, you are a runner! Great to hear about your run and how you conquered your doubts :) Glad to hear your OH runs with you but like you I'm not sure about the Custard appellation :D


Thanks - the more I think about Custard the less it appeals - I suppose it's the thought that counts!


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