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Mind over matter - got me off the couch today

Home from work, the sunshine disappeared, grey clouds. Hmm, the planned run didn't seem such a good idea; was hungry too as had been up since 4.40am and only eaten porridge and grapes.

Ate a very small lunch, delayed and hour, change into running clothes,Ipod not charged, delayed another hour... cold and soooo tired.

Kick myself off the couch, just get on with it... settle on Laura week 9 for company, as it's now 7pm it's a run by the roadside, go off up by the dual carriageway, feeling ok, no stopping, no 5-10 minute' why am I doing this demons'... Carry on off the slip road onto the country roads skirting the country park which will take me in a big circle; have Laura telling me only 10 minutes to go 'No there's not I reply' knowing I have at least another 20 minutes to go...

Just after the park entrance there is some nice new pavement, and street lights... get two minutes further on there is worn out old pavement and no street lights! Total darkness! Aargh!!! Oncoming car lights blind me and make the path seem to disappear, the bits of moonlight was ok and car lights from behind helped show the way. Note to self - buy a head torch asap! Still, carry on running, still no stopping, get to the junction and back to street lit civilisation, then it's down the large hill; that makes my knees complain more than anything! Run through Laura's week 9 warm down, and week 8 warm up, still not finished, but still running!

Home stretch now, slight uphill back towards my road, decide to warm down walk the last 2 minutes, get back to my door nearly have kittens when I turn phone on and it looks like Imap hasn't worked...No!!! I need to know my time/distance/pace! I am getting obsessed! Phew, get glasses on (when they stop being steamed up, ha ha) and it's ok, it worked!

3.56 miles 5.7k, so pleased I moved my butt off the couch and got out there! Knees are aching now, hot bath later.

Now what's for dinner...

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Good going Poppy ... well done, think you earnt a good dinner :)


You did well there! I've only done a 25 and 30 min run since the parkrun (and two 30 min walks) and now feel pretty tired. How you get up at 4 and then do all that, I've no idea!

Hope your knees enjoy the bath!

Oh, and I bought some grapes earlier and had forgotten about them. Off to get some now!


Sounds like a great run poppy! Hat's off to you for getting out there despite being tired and look how you were rewarded! Brilliant! :) Enjoy your long soak to ease the aches - you deserve it! ;)



Well dinner was 0 point homemade veggie soup and two slices of toast with ham and 20 grams toasted cheesem and a few nuts... the cheese looked so greasy, but tasted yum! Will point it all on weight watchers in a mo and see if I have enough points left for a dessert (maybe natural greek yogurt and fresh fruit - more grapes!) :-)


Well done, tough run but you did it! :-) Just shows how running is every bit as much a mental challenge as physical. You've clearly got the right mindset!

My wife and I are doing weight watchers too. So far, so good. How you finding it?


WW is going ok, easy to follow, and I'm quite disciplined so not worried about not having takeaway, chocolate etc. Have started eating more weeklies as losses were v slow in Jan and have been running 3 times a week for a while, seems to have worked as lost 2lbs last week. On early shift today so will WI tomorrow (doing online)

Good luck with your running and WW too! :-)


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