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Mind over matter

As some of the "old crowd" (summer/autumn 2012 graduates) will remember I have a gammy knee. In the sense that I "lost" my right knee (oops!) in a car accident in 1983 -- yes, I know, I was driving :-x Anyway, I have a titanium coil holding my tibia and femur together (btw miniscus gone and crossed ligaments were un-repairable) or rather I HAD a titanium coil holding my tibia and femur together, as over the years it has split into lots of little pieces. OK so the cartilage has reformed (sort of) but most surgeons won't touch it as I would end up with one leg shorter than the other -- vain as I am, no way (sue, you understand me don't you?).

Anyways, one of the reasons I began this running lark was to avoid ending up in a wheelchair.

This morning, 10 minutes into my run, got a twinge. Yes, there. the twinge was followed by another and another. Did I stop? No. mind over matter Delia. I know I'm going to get told off by a bunch of you, but after about 5 minutes the twinges disappeared. As an ex-ginger I would have probably been burnt at the stake in the Middle Ages.

I need some new trainers.

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Sometimes it's difficult to know whether a twinge will settle or get worse. I was the same last week, my knee was twinging a little (ITB) but i so didn't want to cut short my long run, and it did settle down. OK I was very achy after, but I think I'm stronger for it.

Of course if the twinge had developed into a real OUCH then I would have stopped.

Hope your twinge was just you leg giving a little protest on the increased distance, and soon settles.


I'm fine now thanks. Maybe am overdoing it a wee bit on 5 x 50, but it is for a good cause!


Oh yes D, I understand you perfectly!! :D How would you wear your shorts then??! :O

As BJ says above, if it had turned into a full-on Ouch then that is a different thing. You are doing all this extra exercise with the challenge and now increasing your distance and time so yes your body will complain from time to time but just keep an eye on it anyway, as I know you will.

Yep, it is a sign that maybe new trainers are called for; dont delay any more Delia! Get your butt out there and enjoy some retail therapy......before they hunt you down for the burning!! :)

S xoxo


SGB 356: "How would you wear your shorts then??! "

The only plastic surgery I have ever had is on my knee. 35 stitches BUT the embroidery is placed below the kneecap like a smile (how fitting for a humour scholar, no?) and you can't see a thing unless I draw attention to it. the knee isn't a problem for the shorts. My butt is :-D


:D :D :D

I like the idea of a smily knee! :)


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