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The Pet Shop Boys helped me slay that school cross-country memory!

So 6am Monday morning and it is time for Wk9R1 (for the second time). Talking to a friend last night who started C25K after me (after my enthusing) she is doing her last run this week too but running significantly further (and therefore faster) than me and wants to do a park run soon!.

I feel bad about not wanting to go with her :-( But after a good talking to myself remembered I was doing this for me - I am not a competitive person - and still have dreadful memories of being last in cross country at school Every Time - I was the kid with the inhaler who just hated sports. So I dont want to knock my new confidence! :-)

However I did think a new route would be good - and hers sounded lovely- so this morning I had Pet Shops Boys on (rather than Bryan Adams on Friday) - the combination of them and a downhill start meant I went off at a cracking pace (for me!)

It also meant I struggled badly on the rise but I kept going (albeit a couple of walking minutes) even when I turned a corner and lost the street lights - boy was it dark and foggy this morning!!

So 3.4km in 30 mins - I'm still a way off 5km but I am running for 30 minutes!!

Take that cross-country memory!

Big :-) today!

and Happy Running to you all

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Well done. You're getting there running for 30mins yeeaay!

This IS all about you, so if you want to run on your own do so until, or if, you change your mind. Don't forget to pace yourself though. Going fast downhill is so tempting but can leave you struggling more than maybe necessary when the slope goes upwards.


thanks v much for your comments :-)


Well done virtualrunner-another end of the week graduate-John is going to be a very busy man on Friday :-)

I'm still with Laura, so know I'm running 5K-not a clue of the speed etc. just going my own pace. Annie is right. Main thing is running for 30 minutes.

Happy running :-)


thanks v much for nice thoughts :-)


You're a nice person, who deserves nice thoughts :-)


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