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Wk5R3 mind over matter!

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OMG I have actually managed to run continuously for 20 minutes and I could have done more! I’ve had a mental block on this run for 2 weeks to the point where I filled my diary with extra gym classes, Christmas events, repeating runs 1 and 2, anything to avoid getting to this point. Well this morning there were no more excuses, home for Christmas I declared I’d be off for my run in the morning and despite my legs aching from a mammoth leg session with my PT on thursday I did it! On my warm up I made a special playlist to cover the time so I wouldn’t need to look at my phone and then like others have sugested I just listened to Michael and got on with it. I did slow my pace for the first 10 mins but then felt so good and pumped by the music stepped it up, by the end I was buzzing! I’ve lost 8st in the last 2.5 years, am no longer type 2 diabetic and go to the gym 5 days a week. My next challenge is to run more outside and do the park run regularly. I live in Cambridge and always wanted to be ‘one of those joggers along the river’ well in 2019 I’m determined I’m going to be one of them!

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Wow! Well done, that’s a brilliant list of achievements.


Amazing. You’ll love the third run of week 6. I’ve just done it. We’ve got this thing.

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Good for you, I think you'll really enjoy running outside as I do . I could never run on a treadmill as I'd find it boring but everyone's different good luck 😊😊

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I did start the program outside and have done a few park runs but it’s too wet and cold for me at the mo!

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