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W8R2 - mind over matter


Woosh, 2nd run of week 8 completed this morning. 3 minutes in I was ready to stop, didn't feel like it this morning but pushed on. Told myself, get to that happy place where you forget you're running and you start making plans for the day. Couldn't be happier that I have a day ahead of client work, housework and admin, sorted my head out! Before I knew it, Laura had rung the half time bell. Went a bit further this time (4.52km - the podcast from start to finish) and my pace quickened too (8.38 min/km). I'm happy as it really was a test of mental strength today.

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Well run Rooster!! Your destination is even closer👏👏

Rooster678 in reply to Oldlady57

Thanks Oldlady, shame my housework isn't any closer to being finished, the ever ongoing battle!

Oldlady57 in reply to Rooster678

Housework? An onerous task that should be shared 😂😂

Wow amazing! Good to know you pushed through when feeling like giving up - that inspires me 😉

Thank you, it was tough today but it's so good to read that other runners face the same knocks and get through it.

And there you have it - a proper runner! 👏👏 Mind over matter is key and you’ve smashed it! Yay. 😀

Just a handful of runs to go now. Almost podium time! You’ve got this! 👊

Thank you, don't think I stopped talking to myself this morning, I didn't enjoy that part at all but I did get to the end of it so I must have felt stronger than I did. The podium is in sight!

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to Rooster678

I doubt myself every single run during the first 5 minutes, no matter how far I’m running that day. I tell the gremlins where they can go and keep going. Running turns us into gremlin slayers, and you’re doing it brilliantly! 💪 😀

Sammy777Graduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

I always doubt myself too before every run but manage to finish it.. bar one occasion. Love proving myself wrong!


Great job... sucky run started and you got through it and turned it around. Almost week 9, enjoy your next one


This is exactly how I felt on this very run last night!! It’s great to just get to ‘that’ place and get on with the actual run - and it always feels amazing afterwards!

Great pace too-your totally heading for a 5k graduation!!! Enjoy run 3!

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