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Not posted much lately but good to read that everyone is doing well with their running. I have gone a different route from trying to do 5k in 30 minutes or a 10k - all of which are great. Instead I have been running trails of short distances in readiness to start orienteering in a few weeks time. Totally sure that I will be securing the back of the pack but fits in with one of my other interests of geocaching where I go out in the open countryside. So currently trying to run over rough terrain and navigate - note to self: the blue squiggly bits on the map are marshes and usually contain lots of water!!!

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  • Wow - impressed!

  • That sounds amazing - and a great way to see the countryside as it (hopefully) emerges from winter into spring! Happy running.

  • Good going!!! sounds like you're starting something which you enjoy.

    ali :-)

  • It sounds like you're having fun.

    A fellow hiking bogging friend asked me if I was going to try orienteering next. I don't know if I will. I used to go to orienteering events with my sons when they were young, but I only walked the course then. I am ok with navigation, but I'm slow. The way my mind works I need to 'talk' myself through each step, slowly, for each and every decision. It doesn't just flow, and I think running and navigating will take quite a bit of brain 'computing' power for me. Maybe I'll try it some day after I've done some more off-road running.

    I geocache too and have got some routes worked out that will yield several caches. I bought Inov8 running shoes today, and plan to try a run in these in a day or two.

  • I am out caching tomorrow around Lanhydrock House, which will be around footpaths so though no constant running the. 2-.4km bursts work out quite good plus recover times while searching for the cache - which as you know can be short or lengthy!!!

  • That sounds fun. A friend of mine does orienteering, including planning routes for others to go round, but I've only done tiny bits when I was at school. Maybe I should look into it a bit more. I've even got the right sort of garmin for it (with maps)!

  • I am doing my first orienteering on Saturday - watch this space for a thumbs up or down!!! Looking forward to it - I just find that I have to have a reason for doing something if I am going to keep at it.

  • Why not try Parkrun -5k races all over the uk timed andfully supported for runners of all abilities, I have run 49 races and have improved plus raced 10k road and crosscountry. Parkrun is free and if you register they will email/text you your age-related performance and time. Just google Parkrun for a run in your area

  • My nearest parkrun is a 45 mile round trip so not an option for me!!!

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