Still hot here in Italy

I am so envious of all you runners -- but in a nice way -- as I'm still in plaster and cannot run for another fortnight. I walk a lot, but my plans of buying an exercise bike vanished as the semester began and all the work involved with lesson preparation, admin and so on, Not to mention family. Excuses. True. But nothing beats running in the open air. I can't wait to get back, even if it means starting again with that horrendous stop-go of week one.

But now you can be envious of me. I know it's peeing down in the UK while here we are still sleevless and stockingless and enjoying 26 degrees daytime.


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15 Replies

  • Good luck to you with your injury. In my recent post I also commented on the temperature. This morning I ran before the sun came up and it was 1 degree. Our daytime temps are still getting in to the twenties so I might have to modify my running clock to take advantage of them!

  • Poor you. You only need long sleeves early in the morning and late at night here. Perfect running weather.

  • That two weeks will soon go, good luck and enjoy the sun... ;)

  • I know...nearly there and yes, I'll enjoy the sun! Thanks runningwild.

  • Good to see you're still in high spirits, not long now and you'll be running again. Hope the arm isn't giving you any jip. Bit jealous of your temperatures in Italy, it appears the UK has entered monsoon season again.

  • Hi there Phil72! I'm a bit worried I may need some physio after, but I think the object by then will be to move my arm therefore running will be possible hehehe. Poor yous in the wind and rain :-(

  • Don't worry about us Delia I've just arranged for some to be sent over to you, Speical Delivery ;) Hope you get your plaster off and are soon back to your running, take care.

  • Oh no! Monsoon here too aaaargh!

    Lovely to hear from you Oldgirl !

  • Hi Delia, Good to hear from you and glad you're still feeling positive. Shouldn't be too long before you're back on the road.

  • Hey Chewy! Fingesr crossed just 2 more weeks to go! I've got sores down my arm as its hot here, as I said, and so the cast gets really itchy and sore. Ugh!

  • Nice to find an update from you! Sending healing thoughts your way and hoping you will be up and running soon!!!!!

  • Thank you my Dear. How's it going? Have you nearly graduated?

  • Hi Delia, missed you while you've been away. How was your holiday?

    Can understand how fed up you must be feeling but we are all sending you good thoughts so that you will be back on track soon. Meanwhile enjoy the last of summer (does it get cold in winter where you are?)

  • Hi Soozz. It wasn't a holiday as such, but accompanying eldest daughter (21) on a year out on the Erasmus program in Portugal. Good excuse for a couple days away, but it involved much one-armed cleaning and unpacking.

    I miss you all too! You are mostly all graduates now while I'm back in freshers territory ;-)

    It will get cold here too eventually - usually January and February are pretty grim and last year we had snow AND an earthquake. This is indeed the end of summer, another couple of weeks and it'll be off with the sandals and on with the sleeves -- hopefully my plaster will be off by then and I'll be able to get into sleeves :-)

  • Hey Delia. You will have such a grand time when you get to run again. :D I'm sure it will be lovely and cool by then for you. ;) I think we could even spare you a little of our refreshing rain...

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