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Should I run with a cold developing?

Having had a week off (committment prevented me from continuing with the programme for a bit) I had planned to do W2R3 again tonight to get back into it before attempting W3R1 on Friday afternoon. However, I'm now starting to go down with a cold. Should I still run tonight?

I struggle with a drippy nose at the best of times so I'm not sure what to do!

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You'll be grand if it's only a cold.


I'd say try it and see how you do. Just remember to go slow and take a hanky! My nose is one continuous drip since starting to run!!! Good luck!!! Gayle


I would say it depends on the cold. I developed a cold that went down into my chest and missed 2 runs because of it. There was no way i could have coughed and spluttered my way through a run. The next run I still had the cold but my chest was mostly clear. I managed the run although it was my hardest and left me light headed and sore in the chest. If it is just a drippy nose you will probably be okay but take a hanky!

Either way make sure you don't get discouraged! I was worried about missing 2 runs so repeated my previous run just to make sure before moving on.


The Best quote i found for this on some of the running sites was

If your colds about the neck, what the heck

If its on your chest, give it a rest

I delayed a run for a day on this basis, worked for me :)


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