Running with a cough/cold

Hi everyone,

I'm just after some advice please. I'm on week 7 of c25k & really enjoying it & im slow but getting better every run. I started as I'm raising money & im due to do a park run two weeks today, I won't have quite finished by then but I'm confident I'll do the 5k anyway even if it takes me hours!!

The problem I've got now is I feel ill! I went two nights ago full of cold & ran for 25mins & I was ok, if a little dizzy.. But now I feel it's gone to my chest & ive got a painful cough. I'm due to go out tonight & as I've explained I'm on a bit of a time limit now... Would you run with a bad chest or wait? And if you'd wait, how long do you think for?

Thanks in advance for any advice xxx


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  • I think the advice with a cold is, if its above the neck you're ok to run, if its below the neck (and yours sounds as if it is) you shouldn't run until its cleared up. Take care....

  • Wow I didn't know that, great advice thank you!x

  • No! wait until your better with that, c25k & Parkrun can wait....๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thank you, I just hope it clears up soon, I've told everyone who's sponsored me I'm doing the park run on 14/11 so I can't really change that, so want to get as many runs in as I can in the next two weeks!x

  • No, don't run, have a rest until you feel better. You can run/walk the parkrun in two weeks time if you need to, (assuming you feel better by then). x :-)

  • Thank you, I didn't want to seem like I was making excuses no excuse ๐Ÿ˜Š but seems like the general consensus is to wait until it clears. I never thought I'd be gutted not to be going out for a run!!x

  • No, you are definitely not making excuses, but being sensible. It's not worth going out while you feel unwell. Isn't it strange how we just want to keep on getting out there! You will be back running soon- plenty of time x :-)

  • No. Definitely not.

  • I know its frustrating when you are making progress but you don't want to make yourself worse xx

  • Definitely no running with a chest infection. You can still do your parkrun (assuming the cough has cleared up!).

  • I agree with Henpen's advice, anything in the head/nose is ok, anything in the lungs is not. I know from experience that you will dissolve into an enormous coughing fit as soon as you get to the point where you need to breathe harder. Try to do plenty of gentle walking so your fitness doesn't decline. If you miss more than 10 days or so of running, I'd suggest only running 20 minutes in your first run. If it goes ok, back to where you were, if not, repeat until you are ok.

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