Should I run?

I am due to start week four tomorrow and absolutely love the c25k plan so far but today I had a small op and have a few stitches on my belly, I had every intention to carry on with my run but the leaflet says to avoid strenuous exercise!

I don't know what to do because it is only 3 stitches on my lower belly which is covered with a plaster and I can't see my run causing it any trouble, but what do you all think? I am worried if I take time out it will impact on my motivation plus I am very eager to go out on my run tomorrow. Obviously if I was further along in the programme I would rest but at this early stage I really cannot see the harm.


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  • I am sure their are people on the site with more expert advise than me but Unfortunately I would personally advise not to run. As far as I am aware running is considered strenuous. A little plaster doesn't mean that it isn't deep and need of some tlc. It's great that you want to keep motivated but be careful that you don't do some damage that will take longer to heal. If you feel that motivated it won't go away and we are all here to help you get back out there when the time is right. Take care.

  • I would consult your surgeon. He will be able to let you know how long it is before you can start running again. Hope its not too long.

  • Thank you, I really wasn't sure what to do, I will speak to my GP tomorrow because it was such a minor procedure that it was done by local GP in the community hospital. They will hopefully be able to tell me yes or no. If not I will hold off for a couple of days until it heals.

  • Get the stitches out first else you will do more harm then good and will have a longer recovery time. Result will be a longer time away from running

  • I totally agree.

  • Speak to your GP; but I would be astonished if they said to run before the stitches come out. Don't run before you see the doc.


  • I rang my GP this morning, I was given the all clear to run because of where my stitches are positioned plus it is a very diddy cut and thankfully not too deep. I am under strict instructions that if I

    feel pulling or stinging to stop immediately and rest until fully healed. I went for my run just before 8 this morning and all was fine and I had a really good run. I can rest until Friday now so fingers crossed I am healing nicely by then :)

  • Woohoo good for you. Always wise to double check. Glad you had a good run.

  • Thank you :) I think the running bug is starting to bite.

  • Cooo! I know when I was cut-open to have something removed (I shan't go into details), I was all but bed-ridden for 2 weeks even before I could gingerly walk.

    Good luck, take care, and happy running!!

  • Well done but you don't sound as though you are going to lose motivation easily.

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