Day One

It says Body of text so ha ha that's is so apt!! Yes my body is screaming at me right now (19.00h) the evening of my first run on couch to 5k week 1. My legs feel heavy and I even struggled up the stairs earlier. Immediately after the run I felt great - pooped but great. Now I feel like I've aged about 10 years in a day. Looking forward to my next run (Saturday) but not the feeling after. Stick with it.

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  • Go slower. That is all! (Only if you want to, of course, but most people don't think it's possible/acceptable. It is.)

    Oh, and welcome, and congratulations on starting this wonderful journey!

  • Thank you I will try but I think if I go any slower I;ll be going backwards!

  • if it's any consolation my thighs really really ached afterwards - it hurt to sit on the loo and get off again :-)

    after run 2 it wasn't so bad and after run three no aches at all - yippeeee

    and now I have just got back from week 9 run 2, and in no time at all you will be coing the same, the toughest part is getting out the door - and you've already done that - good on ya!

  • Thank you - it's so good to know it does get easier :)

  • Well done! I have just done w1r2- I feel your pain literally :) I did not know I had some of these muscles!! We can do it!! And we will sleep well tonight x x

  • How true that is - I slept like a baby. Weirdly it's not my thigh muscles like I thought it would be but all around my ankles. Thanks for the support - we can do this!

  • The good news is that the aches get less every run, and by the end of the first week you won't even notice them.

    The other good news is that the fab feeling of "Wow! Did I actually just DO that??!" doesn't get less. It gets more and more, and (apart from the odd awful run, which we all have) you'll always feel as great at the end of a run as you did this time!

    And, as others have said, you've already done the hardest bit of the whole programme - getting out there that first time. Well done, and enjoy the journey!! :-)

  • Thank you. I did feel sooo good after - it was a major sense of having achieved something with my morning. I don't want to lose it so am defintely up for r2!

  • Thanks for all the support everyone!

  • My legs hurt after Week 1 runs 1 & 2 but on run 3 nothing, it does get easier :)

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