Week 4, run 1

So completed the run yesterday and managed it ok. Quite different to the first week when I struggled and dog walkers were looking at me with such pity with me gasping and red faced :( Doing this after cancer to make me feel strong and in control again and so far it's working great! :) I am a bit worried about the jump in running times from week 5 but I tell myself everyone else has done it so I will to!! (Fingers crossed) ha ha :O


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  • Well done! I'm also on Week 4, and agree about stronger and in control, such a good feeling isn't it? Just got back from my 3rd run so week 5 starts Thursday for me, I've been listening to the podcasts to mentally psych up. I'm sure we'll do it :)

  • Yes we will do it! Positive thinking! :) Agree it's such a great feeling when you have completed a run and it lifts me for the whole day even though I'm not going that far at the moment but for me it's huge. When out yesterday when getting tired I was thinking of the female marathon runners I had watched at Olympics and just told myself 'its only 5 minutes girl you CAN do it!!' :) :) 'Little steps.' :)

  • Great news and well done :-) As everyone on here said to me , one run at a time and we can all do it :-)

  • Don't look ahead just concentrate on the session immediately in front of you. Slow but sure, steady as you go. You can do it as we all have. No worries at all so long as you approach it slowly and carefully. We don't want any injuries or hiccups do we

    Good luck. Slow but sure remember. Oh and don't worry about the red face. It goes with the territory. I ran yesterday and I was beetroot red when I got back but it just made me smile. Proof positive that it was a good un!

  • Sounds as though you are going well. Great job you✨

    At one point I was following dog walkers and for once I thought I was making ground on them - I was so proud of myself - until I realised they had turned around at the bridge and were on their way back!!. 😳

    Slow is good πŸ‘πŸΌ Every run a victory - hurrah!

  • Ha that made me laugh about the dog walkers. I'm so glad it's not just me! :O

  • Reading run reports, is really encouraging, and you have found the forum which is the most amazing coaching tool.

    Looking forward to hearing about your path to the g-line!

  • It's inspirational that you're doing this after such an awful illness, it must feel great to get control of your body again. It's great that you can already tell the difference from Week 1.

    Most people worry about Week 5 but we all did it so you can too! Trust in the programme, trust in yourself, you can and you will! :)

  • Even though I am only on week 4 already it is amazing for my 'mental health' and keeping my demons at bay and gives me such a lift and a feeling of 'almost power' lol next stop will be world domination! ha ha :P. I just want to give myself the best chance for the future as possible and be as fit as I can too.

    This site is so good for advice and support, thank you! :) :)

  • I started W4 yesterday & was delighted that I completed the first run. Can't even think about W5 & don't want to! Laura telling me what I would be doing is usually a surprise, hopefully that way the gremlins can't get me :-D Happy running :-)

  • Well done, SuperMouse. I'm sure you will manage the jump in running times. I think being on the forum really helps with encouragement and motivation too - I have had so many lovely messages over the past week, and knowing everyone on here is really rooting for others to succeed is fantastic. As you say, you can see that everyone else has done it - real people's stories are much more powerful than statistics.

  • Well done SuperMouse. You and I are in the same boat :)

    I have been running on the treadmill mostly as its winter here in SA but I will have to face week 5 outside next week for that 20 min run (might even use a parkrun to do it) as I have been sent to Port Elizabeth for fieldwork so no gym...

    We can do this!

    Hope your next run goes well!

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