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Week one day one disaster!


Just tried my first run, felt like I was going so slow, and also, I don’t know how to run?! I know that sounds ridiculous but I’m doing it at home on the treadmill, one minute I’m walking fine, then to actually run I turn up the speed (barely) and suddenly I’m almost flying across the room 😂 really not sure what I’m doing, can’t work out how to jog as my body doesn’t seem to work that way - I’m either walking or flailing apparently (think phoebe from friends?) and have bleeding blisters on the back on my ankles now so any help appreciated!

But at least I’m doing it, right?

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The one and only time I ran on a treadmill (for gait analysis) the guy in the shop said he would "ignore my crazy running style" so I don't think I'm the best person to offer you advice 😂

Well done for making a start - I'm sure someone who knows a bit about treadmill running will be along in a bit to help you out x

Exactly right - you’re doing it, and that’s what really matters! 👍❤️

I can sympathise, as it’s not that many years ago that I had to try to copy my Physio walking, because I’d been in so much pain walking for so long that I’d completely lost normal movement patterns even for that! So don’t panic, I’m sure you will find a more comfortable running style to adopt.

Perhaps go on YouTube and look at some of the many videos put up about good running technique, then try to workout what they are doing and copy it?

Here’s a link to a few NHS running tips too...


When I started C25k, I read a few bits about something called the Pose Method of running. I didn’t buy their courses, but here’s a side shot of someone running at the start of their promo video...


I found a video of someone talking about this Pose Method somewhere, and found it interesting that the guy was saying one of the problems with people learning to run was that we all seem to assume humans are designed to just run naturally, while it is really a technique that we need to learn to do correctly, just like techniques in any other sport.

I hope that helps a bit. So please don’t panic if you don’t feel you know how to run naturally. Copy others, and I’m sure you’ll work it out. Perhaps even try off the treadmill to start with, in case that makes it easier to work the movement patterns out without suddenly having to keep up with a treadmill belt at the same time? (If you don’t feel confident enough to go outside yet, you could even just jog up and down for a few steps in your house?)

Good luck, and well done on making a start to a great programme that really works. 😊❤️

PS As for blisters on your heels, you could try getting trainers fitted properly in a sports shop, if your current ones are done up tightly enough but still rub your heels? It’s perhaps worth trying Compeed blister plasters too, while your blisters heal up? I use them when certain walking boots blister my heels, and they work pretty well at protecting the damaged skin area.


Welcome and well done you for starting this:)


Check this post out...there is a lot of useful advice.

You need to checkout the info about your treadmill... the pace, even when running should be steady and slow..

Are yo able to run outside.... easier and much more varied:)

mountaindreamerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Redhed - in the great FAQ post Oldfloss has linked to above, there seems to be this link about running posture, which has loads of video links to check out on the page about running form... 😃❤️


Thank you all so much! I wasn’t expecting such kind and helpful responses! I will have a look at those videos tomorrow and am going to purchase some proper trainers :) thank you all!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Redhed

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

Do check out the links you have been sent and before you rush out to buy new running shoes, this post may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone! I watched the videos and worked out I was trying to go wayyy to quick for my level - I slowed it down to a jog about 4mph (was trying to do it at 5.5 before) and I FINISHED!! I feel so proud I honestly started crying at the end right on the treadmill! I haven’t brought any trainers yet but dug out some really comfy old converse I had and put on thick socks and it was fine for this level. I’m going to wait a few weeks as I think by the time I get to a level where I need some good ones it’ll be my birthday so I’m hoping to get some then :) I am buying a sports bra now though!! Lol! I really really appreciate everyone’s help I really didn’t think I’d ever manage to complete day one. I’m going to redo it a few more times until I don’t feel like I’m about to have a stroke when I finish and then move up to day two. I realise I probably sound ridiculous and way over the top as this isn’t a big deal and should be easy, but to me this is a massive accomplishment xx

BowlofsteamGraduate in reply to Redhed

Wonderful news! So glad to hear you made it through. Keep at it and keep us posted...😊

Sortyourlife in reply to Redhed

Sports bras are such a blessing it’s unreal 😂😂

Also, I’ve heard of so many people finding it really hard to run on the treadmill, or find it completely different to outside running, or just can’t do treadmill running full stop.

I feel lucky that I don’t actually feel that much difference between treadmill running and outdoor running (I can go slightly faster on the treadmill but doesn’t make too much of a difference).

But so many people have to go at a slower pace on the treadmill, or can’t find their rhythm in the same way etc. There’s a possibility you’re just not made to be a treadmill runner! I know you’ve said you were running too fast which is obviously a factor, but consider maybe trying one outside (especially whilst the majority of it is walking). Running first thing in the morning is pretty cool and usually very desert depending on where you live, same for later on. I’ve found one of my favourite places to run is along a dual carriageway, cars are going too quick to notice and there’s rarely any footfall traffic about.

However, I completely understand if it’s a confidence issue and you just wanna be inside for now. That’s also completely fine :)

Good luck and keep posting x

Redhed in reply to Sortyourlife

I don’t have the confidence to do it outside yet, hopefully soon xx

Sortyourlife in reply to Redhed

That’s completely understandable! I didn’t even have the confidence to run on the treadmill at the gym for ages ahah, just kept walking really quickly 😂😂😂


Whoa, I'm impressed.

It never occurred to me how challenging doing this c25k on a treadmill is: you have to adjust things, and change settings and slow it down to walk and speed it up to run. How would you even know what to set it at? God help you if you want the thrill of an incline! Ha.

I never thought of any of that, just thought it was kind of intuitive like walking on a street or trail.

I have newfound respect for my treadmill companions!

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