Couch to 5K

Week one finished!

I wasn't feeling great this afternoon. One of the reasons for getting into shape is intermittent depression and I was feeling low today.

The odd thing was, even though I just wanted to curl up in bed and tell the world to go away, I really wanted to go out and do the last run of week one. Maybe it is already messing with my brain, but I actually wanted to run even when my mind thought walking was too much.

I feel better now. Maybe the cold air and the sore muscles have filled my body with endorphins, so I'm feeling a temporary buzz from the run, but I'm not looking a gift-horse in the mouth right now.

One day off, then I'll be back out on Monday to finally lock in a M-W-F routine which should fit my life better. Next stop: week 2!

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well done you! i wasnt feeling great today and should have gone yesterday really had to drag myself today but i did it and feel better for it now, alittle buz as you say. Im half way through my secoud week by the way


Sometimes just getting yourself out of the door is the hardest thing. But however hard the programme has got (I just finished week 6) I always felt better for having made the effort. Fresh air and, hopefully, sunshine are always a great boost. Good luck.


I deliberately avoided the sunshine, so I got a sunset of pinks, gold and oranges instead. I also got to see the moon, which was nice. As to the fresh air, I could have done with a little less fresh, because it was giving me goosebumps...


well done & bring on week 2! i think there is always a greater sense of achievement after a run if i didn't wan't to go outfor in the first good on you winning the mental battle. Like Debbzi I'm on w6...will have to give myself a big talking to tonight to ensure I can be up and out there first thing tomorrow for r3 (yikes!)


Well, I'd let my doubts and reluctance and concerns over ill-health stop me since December. Getting started on Tuesday was the challenge and everything else since then has just been about keeping the momentum...


Just starting myself and I too have good and bad days. I am hoping the bad days will get fewer and fewer whilst doing this. Good luck.


Good luck with week two. I got I to this for a similar reason and found the steady slow build gives such a nice ongoing sense of achievement and the routine got me out of bed on so many of those curl up days that I wish I had done it before (not that it works like that of course).

There is no magic bullet I guess but to continually be able to say "I can do this now and two weeks ago I couln't" is a real boost.

Enjoy the journey.


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