Day one survived

Well I did it, actually got my bum out of bed and ran/ stumbled, grunted and groaned at 7 15 am Wed morning ! the first prompt to jog almost killed me but it seemed to feel better as I got into it, still gallumping along like a baby elephant. My very pretty sparkly slip on trainers did the job but I will def need some decent ones, just waiting to see if I can keep this up. Want to do 5k for my grand daughter who is fighting Hodgkinsons Lymphona with great grace, if she can do that surely I can run a few miles ? Watch this space, 2nd run in am and kinda looking forward to it

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  • Aw well done JudesL. I have to laugh about your comment about the baby elephant :-) My running style I think is a wonky donkey being poked now and again with a cattle prod ha ha :-) In our minds , we are as graceful as gazelles though . All the very best to you and your grand daughter, you can do it !!!

  • exciting stuff poppyjug, me and sparkly trainers are doing run 2 week 1 on a different route, kinda excited !! Love wonky donkey !!

  • Fab :-) Let us know how you get on and think " gazelles " darling not wonky donkeys or baby elephants ha ha xx

  • Well done on getting this first run out of the way. That's the hardest part over and done with. I agree that you will be needing some decent trainers and if you have gait analysis at a proper running shop you can have shoes that are designed for your gait - that will help you be more gazelle like. Good luck with your next run and my best wishes to you.

  • What a fantastic motivation you have & the first run is always the hardest. I can highly recommend good running shoes - think I got to week 5 before I got mine. I'm sure impressed at your early morning run - I'm useless at that time!! Good luck with your running & keep us posted :)

  • Well done. I've just finished wk8 run2 and never thought when I started that I could do it or it would happen so quickly, so have faith in the course and keep going. Good luck!

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