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Couch to 5K
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Week one -- Day One

First run last night after almost 20 years of no exercise and I have to be honest, I feel great this morning. The first 5 minutes of brisk walking almost gave me the opportunity to psychologically get into the mindset that I was about to run ( jog ). The final couple of 60 second runs I did find hard, and my god are my thighs throbbing this morning!!!, but certainly having great running trainers with plenty of bounce helped. I must have sweated at least 1lb of weight off!!

I'm really looking forward to Wednesdays run, only difference being is I'm going to start doing the runs first thing in the morning as opposed to last thing at night.

I'm also completely changing my eating habits... Today I have home made thick vegetable soup with brown bread for lunch with a pasta dish for dinner. Not so much changing what I eat, although I'm cutting out the sugar in coffees and the packets of crisps, but more the quantity .. trying to eat little more often as opposed to the usual stuffing my face in the evening.... again, something my belly is just going to have to get used to...oh..and plenty of water ( hopefully that'll trick my stomach into thinking I'm full!)

So, here's to Wednesday .. will keep updating this blog for anyone remotely interested in knowing how an overweight, forty odd year old guy with no exercise for years habit is getting on.

Also, it really helps with my incentive to hear from other folks on here and I do appreciate any replies I get. All advice welcome!!!

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Great start, Darren!

It's good to find the time of day that suits you best. I think we all have different rhythms. I'm useless at anything in the morning, which sometimes makes life difficult as the world seems to be dominated by the larks!


Fabulous start Darren, definitely keep posting. It will be a great record for others to read in the future: this programme really works for completely unfit beginners. I was at utter couchie and now up to 28 mins.

You'll be amazed how in just a few weeks, running for 60 secs is so much easier.


Congratulations for getting started - in some ways that's the hardest bit. Just take it steady and you will build up over the 9 week programme and amaze yourself. Don't forget to stretch after you finish - it will help with those aching muscles.

Be warned - it's addictive! Good luck.


Brilliant Darren72 , you mean business !! , keep up the good work & keep posting .


Hi & welcome! Well done for starting, this is a brilliant program; it has helped me get fitter and healthier before my 50th last November; I lost 3 stones 9lbs, run 3 times a week, I have two and a half stones still to go so that's my goal for 2014. :-) I use Myfitnesspal to track my food and exercise together, it's a good incentive & make me think more about what I am eating!

Oh, and running is so addictive I have just signed up for the 6 mile Sport relief run in March & a half marathon in June! EEEKKK!!!! Then there was news yesterday of a new marathon in October in Chelmsford where my daughters live... tempting? I think I'll see how the half goes first! :-)


Welcome to the forum we are a very supportive bunch here. Well done for the first steps taken getting out there. It sounds like you have everything ready in its place to help you go through the program. Good luck, keep posting.



I have just done week one day one and loved it.

Loved reading!


Welcome Darren and very well done in making the first move. Without sounding dramatic, this programme will change your life (for the better!).

Just take it slow and steady and repeat runs/weeks if you have to. This is not a race and you have plenty of time. The feeling of pride and self satisfaction after each run is addictive! Enjoy and good luck.


Great going! I think the hardest run i did was W1 R1. Think the only advice I have is take it slow and steady, take rest days and drink lots of water (other than generally being good for you i find it helps prevent stitch when you get to the longer runs)

and keep posting here!


Kabooooom!! Welcome / bien venue / cead mille failte / willkommen to this forum. I too was like you 9 months ago - slightly older - a 50 year old geezer who was so out of shape, I wasn't even a square peg in a round hole! But 9 months later I'm running three times per week for half an hour. It's hard, but I always feel incredible once I;ve done it.

Stick with this. Do EXACTLY as it says on the tin and take your rest days. Morning runs are my fave too, although this morning was a bit parky! Keep us updated and if there's anything you wanna ask.....THEN DO!

Good luck!


Helloooooo Darren!

I honestly can't believe that I'm posting a reply to someone when I'm such a newbie at this running game too. My run this morning was w2r3 and I can't believe I'm about to download week 3!!! I'm watching what I'm eating like yourself and I plan on weighing myself on the scales in Tesco (50p! Bargain!!


Welcome, this is a fab programme, and will change your life. Listen to Laura, make sure you have your rest days and don't be hard on yourself if you need the occasional bit of sugar. Am very jealous having injured myself on Sunday and out for the count. Keep posting as that really helps you through the hard bits


Well done you, myfitnesspal is a great way to lose weight, I lost 1 and a bit stone on it and it incentivises you to run. Good luck tomorrow!!


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