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Woohoo thats the first run I have done since school 36 years ago


Just had to share this. I did the first run on week 1 of the c25k today. Managed quite well considering I have never ran since being forced to at school.

Promised myself that I would do 2 things before my fiftieth birthday and that was stopping smoking and getting fitter. Well the fags have been gone since last month and thats the first run done.

Cant say I loved it and the last 90 sec run was really just faster walking than normal but will keep trying, and the sun is shining so it doesnt get much better than this:) :) :)

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"just faster walking than normal" is the way to do it :-)

Keep it up! (the first run is the most difficult)

Nice work! stick with it


Think there are quite a few of us in this 'coming up to 50, time to do it' phase! I started weight watchers on 30th Sept, then c25k in Oct with a view to be fitter, slimmer and healthy by my 50th in November 2013.

I got a bit waylaid by a car crash then operations that went wrong in November, back to C25k and graduated 17th Feb!

You've done the worst bit which is getting started, stick with the plan and believe in yourslef and Laura, it really works!

Good luck!


Well done! Thats the first step on the way to a whole new world.

Like you I started running after a 30 something year gap in my sports career! I started C25k last May when I had turned 51. It was so terribly slow and hard at first, a helluva lot of huffing and puffing and sweating. I carried on, graduated and have never looked back. Its a wonderfully liberating thing to do, I'm so envious of you starting out on it. Keep going, try and enjoy every painful victory and you'll never be the same again - promise! I'm booked to do a 10k race in April and a half marathon in September..... I'll keep looking out for your posts.


Well done on quitting smoking and starting C25K! Neither is easy but they both get easier the more you do it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the programme :)


Seriously slow running (same pace as walking - or maybe even a bit slower) is definitely the way to go if you've not run for years. I have been overtaken by a dog walker (on my final week 9 run :D and today ran over a mile following a dog walker about 25 yards ahead of me - but - I can run and it feels great, now I've got used to it. Keep going! :)


Congratulations on starting C25K and giving up smoking. I think my first run was one of my hardest too, as I hadn't run since school either, and I was cursing Laura by the end ... but the 2nd and 3rd run of that week did get better :)

Enjoy your next run.


Well done on quitting smoking and starting the fitness regime. I stopped smoking 8 months ago and have just started week 6 of the programme and am loving it. The not smoking and the fitness do both get easier and better I promise. Keep it up!!


Welcome and congratulations! I started running at 49.5 by doing C25K. We are currently finishing a 10K program. Like you, I had not ran since school. You won't regret starting the program, its great! Gayle

Thank you all for such a wonderful welcome and the great support. Looking forward to speaking more.


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