First 'run/jog' since school (26 years ago!) - just completed W1R1 :-)

Just completed 'week 1, run 1' of C25K with no real problems. I'm sure my jogging/running technique is absolutely hopeless as I struggle to cushion my landing (it feels like I either land totally flat-footed or run slightly on the ball of my foot) but whenever I tried to consciously change it didn't really work. Other than that, no real issues - no cheating, no stopping, last 2 'run' sections were mildly uphill, no oxygen needed...(!)

Just done a few stretches but I need to watch some YouTube videos later to understand how to do them better.

Getting the first run out of the way is a massive relief as I really didn't know what to expect. Now I just need to learn how to land a bit lighter on my feet (hard when carrying 211 lb) as the 'thump' when I land is definitely amplified through my in-ear headphones (along with the heavy breathing!)



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  • Well done for getting out there! As for the running technique that will come in time it took me weeks to get the right part of my foot landing on the concrete I used to use it to distract myself from the jogging! As long as your not landing on your heel I wouldn't worry too much xxxx

    By the way the best stretch I found was to find a step/curb, put the balls of your feet on it and the. Lower the backs of your feet down to a comfortable place for 10 seconds then go way up onto tippy toes for 10 seconds and do this 5 times.....wonderful stretch for the calves and ankles as these get the most hammering when pounding that road!

  • Hi - and thanks! Yes I was shown that stretch by a physiotherapist last year when I had some other issues in my left leg. Luckily we've got a raised hearth by the fireplace which is about 3 inches off the floor - perfect for doing that on. The physio showed in me in a kind of rotating motion; pushing up on one foot, then pushing up with the other, slowly down onto the overhang with the first foot, then down with the second. So I did a bit of that when I got home, as well as a couple of other stretches I know.

    In a few mins I've got to get to the gym for a catch-up meeting with an instructor about my first month's gym progress (not good, losing my way) so I'm going to ask them about how to best switch speeds on the treadmill in case there's a particularly bad weather day where I don't have the right clothing to get outside and run (yet). I may do a few upper body weights at the gym but mostly it'll be a nice session in the sauna today to ease my legs :-)


  • Well done. You must feel exhilarated! Laura will give you tips on technique so don't bother about those, just concentrate on getting round. You will get fleeter of foot as you pick up the pace in the coming weeks. There are tips on stretches on the NHS Live Well site, with good old Laura, so check those out.

    Now, have your rest day and then get back out there. Happy running

  • There are some post run stretches on the NHS choices website, and also Laura does talk through the best way to land so don't worry, just stay tall and keep breathing, and most of all enjoy yourself!!!!! ..oh and Well done!!!

  • I think Laura's suggestion of heel striking is the one bit of C25K that most of us question.

    Landing on the ball of your foot, if that's what you naturally do, sounds good - there are plenty of people trying to achieve that these days!

    Same clothing for me whether it is 20 degrees or minus 10 or pouring with rain or snowing.

  • I'm not quite sure what I 'naturally' do yet as it's all very unnatural :-) On my first run yesterday I was just landing with an undignified thump, sending a shock all up my leg. For the rest of the day I had the aches in my knees and thighs - today is just residual aching (may go to the gym for a session in the sauna later...). When I do my run tomorrow I may try a few different things out to try to lighten/cushion my landing a bit and see how that goes.

  • I thought I had a lovely light bounce and then Laura said "Don't bounce" Waaaaah! I don't run on tarmac - tried it recently to get from A to B, won't be doing it again in a hurry. Lots of people don't have a choice.

  • I've only run on pavements so far - I need to find a less hard surface/route once the weather improves and all this rain starts to soak away as the ground is totally saturated at the moment.

  • Trail shoes!

  • I also bought a couple of synthetic running tops yesterday and a cheap running jacket so at least I have something a bit more appropriate. Yesterday I just had a cotton t-shirt and a non-windproof fleece jacket over it. It was 2.5C and I didn't have an issue with the temperature but the clammy nature of a cotton t-shirt wasn't very nice and I was fortunate it wasn't windy or raining - just cold.

    Whatever happens with the weather tomorrow, I'm ready for my second run :-)

  • Just shows how individual this running can be - I run in cotton. I tried in synthetics but it was horrible - clammy etc.

  • I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I try these new tops - they are supposed to wick away sweat. I only bought the cheapest things I could find in SportsDirect to get me going anyway as I'm learning as I go.

  • You know your enthusiasm is very engaging don't you? You'll find lots of it on here & it really encourages others so keep enthusing. Also post when you're not so enthusiastic because you find plenty of encouragement. Really well done on starting. You seem to have a lot on the go exercise wise.

  • Good for you! Well done.

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