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W1R1 the first time I have run since school


Hello everyone, have bought my running shoes, have downloaded the app and started the journey. Have chosen Laura as my running mate to start me off later on today.

When the heavy rain eventually clears in Bath, I will be starting my first run in nearby Linear Park which is popular with dog walkers, cyclists and fellow runners so won't be alone.

Right then, so this is a picture of me taken at the Courts Gardens in Holt a couple of weeks ago. Today is Day 1, sticking to a healthy eating plan I hope to look different in three months' time.

It will be mid January 2019 by then so would have got through the cold winter months, Christmas and New Year and all the gatherings and celebrations that come with it, together with the inevitable large round tins of Roses, Heroes and Celebrations at work that suddenly seem to appear at this time of year ... you know the score. It will be a great test of how much resolve and determination I have within me to think of how much I want to shrink in size and shape and become much more photogenic. The end result will be better than grabbing a handful of individual bite size chocolates from these tins with no thought of how much fat and sugar are in each one. How about if I make this my end-of-the-year Resolution?

I have been following and reading so many uplifting posts on this site and so pleased I have found you all. I have also seen several posts regarding a park run. However, will get to that inevitable stage when I get to it and feel ready for it.

Have also followed someone's post on twitter who says 'Slow Running is better than No Running', how true. Will keep following everyone's tips, advice and postings as they are so good to read. Will update you all later on when I have done this run.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you so much for such a lovely reply, have loaded up all the links and have found them invaluable, have loaded up all 9 of the Podcasts on the NHS Couch to 5K link and have read with great interest the link to the Running Groups in my area. I am now inspired even more to achieve the unthinkable and actually start running for the first time in decades.

I really liked Laura's video on the NHS link as well and can now see all the positive benefits of running and how much it will help me slim down, improve my heart health and lung function.

Well done and thank you for being such great support. All of you are so amazing and wonderful.


Good luck with your journey

You can do it

Slow and steady definitely wins the race

Have fun


Good luck - hope you enjoy your first run! I found it tough going round, but oh so satisfying afterwards to know I’d taken that first step.

Chataholic in reply to Hidden

Thank you, am looking forward to enjoying the next 9 weeks.


Laura is an excellent choice! Every success on your journey x

Thank you, am looking forward to what the future holds.

All power to you. Love the photo. Wish you luck with it all.Keep us posted.

Chataholic in reply to Downtwo

Thank you, glad you liked the photo, the next one should be much better hopefully.

Fab, go as slow as you can. My first run was the worst, but I think that was because I hadn’t worked out how to go slow - and also I was dreading appearing in public in a state of jogging. I’m now on week 4 and loving it 😊

Hi there, thank you for your kind words, am not a bit scared of going out in public and starting to run. After all, when you think about it we were all learner drivers once and nobody laughed at us then. Looking forward to starting out in the local park.


Hi 😀 nice to meet you here 👋

SLOW and STEADY are the magic words. You're not alone. We're here with you, with the same problems but also a lot of tips


Chataholic in reply to Lallis

Thank you so much for your kind reply, I love this forum and there is a great mix of characters on here, love reading all the posts.


Well done for starting. This forum is excellent, so much support and advice. It's definitely made me believe I can do it. Good luck!


Hi & good luck 🍀 this site is a lifeline, full of real people achieving their own personal goals!

just for the record you don't have to run parkrun, I walk it in 50ish minutes and work on improving my own PB. Have fun on your journey! 😊


Congratulations on starting the journey to 5K

Good Luck!

I promise you will get the bug, just go easy on yourself and at your pace - slow and steady.

I never thought I would run ever and week 3 in, I've just bought a new running kit and it's a size smaller 😊 you'll get there!


You can do this... you can become the you that you want to be. Slow and steady. Enjoy the journey

Hi Chataholic - Welcome to the club (its a forum, but it feels like a club right?!).

You can absolutely do this, hardening your resolve and getting out there in the first place is the biggest and hardest step, now all you need to do, is follow the plan.

There will be hard days, there will be great days, there will be days you think you can't possibly do this or run "that far..." - but you can and you will..... So many of us have done the journey now and we've all been through it. Don't worry about speed or distance, just about the next run and you. The only person you need to be better than is yourself, and you're pretty amazing already for starting!

Oldfloss - One of the mentors here posted a quote a few months back while I was on the bridge to 10k and feeling low and it has always stuck with me - "a mile is still a mile, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you do it"

Enjoy the journey - its fun (no, it really is!! lol)


Chataholic you're in the right place at the right time and with the right attitude.... Right here and right now! The changes you want to make will not happen overnight, a slow but sure improvement will most likely be your new permanent. Staying injury free by following the good advice on here will be key to your success. Good luck, go for it and keep posting! 🤞 👍

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