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First run...done :)


I have just done my first run and it was easier than i thought, still hard, but not turn your lungs inside out hard.

It has been a long time since i have done any cardio exercise and thought this would be a good place to start getting to a good level of fitness. I gave up smoking nearly four months ago and have developed asthma as a result. My lungs felt ok though.

I hope tuesdays run will be ok. I am worried that today was only ok because it was something new and i was really up for it.

fingers crossed.

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Well done. Having done it once you now know you can do it, so you can take that with you when you do it again. You'll find that following this programme gets addictive, especially as you start to notice how much your fitness improves.


Well done jennyhb9 - keep going - I worried I wouldn't stick to it too, but once I got the first few runs out of the way (probably around the end of week 2) I couldn't wait to get out there. Keep blogging about it on here too - the encouragement of others really helps.


Well done. I love reading how everyone is getting on. As mentioned by Miss_T_Ide it really is addictive. I hate it if I miss out on my planned running day (did I really just say that - at 48 and not having run since school???) Keep it up x W9 here I come..................


Wel done Jenny. You have made the biggest step. I too stopped smoking recently which gave me all of the incentive to do something like this. I also have asthma.

This program does get quite addictive and believe me you will love it. Keep going, dig deep and enjoy yourself. Well done :-)


Thank you, this seems like a really good way to keep motivation up.I have had look around at other people's blogs and it is reassuring that there is a community of support.

Can't wait for my next run already. :-)


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